RCMS Faculty


Katie O'Donnell

Director of the RCMS


Matthew Amedio, M.M.

Saxophone - RCMS

Léa Hossack Bouillon

Violin - RCMS

Olivia Bradstreet, M.M.

Piano - RCMS

Daniel Cooper

Electric Guitar - RCMS

Marie Crasta, M.M.

Piano - RCMS

Emily Hutchinson

Flute & Piano - RCMS

Joshua Lohner, M.M.

Viola - RCMS

Jeffery McGhee, D.M.A.

Voice - RCMS (by special arrangement only)

Tierney McLean

Trumpet - RCMS

Alice Meyer, M.M.

Clarinet - RCMS

Rachel Mills

Cello - RCMS

Ashley Moss Fox, M.M.

Early Childhood - RCMS

Christopher Palace

Drum Set - RCMS

Melissa Pestinger

Piano Discoveries Class - RCMS

Timothy Shannon, D.M.A.

Guitar - RCMS

E-Na Song

Piano - RCMS

Sarah Song

Cello - RCMS

Erica Spaman, M.M.

Vocal - RCMS

Koki Tanaka, D.M.A.

Violin - RCMS

Sheldon Tripi

Bass, Electric Bass - RCMS

Ashley Uhlman

Piano - RCMS