Daniel Cooper

Electric Guitar - RCMS



Guitarist Dan Cooper, a native of Rochester, NY, is an alumnus of Roberts Wesleyan College where he was a dual major in music and design. A dedicated student of music, Dan has had the privilege of studying guitar under Dr. Timothy Shannon for his undergraduate and then with the virtuoso electric-guitarist Nili Brosh (Tony MacAlpine Band, Iron Maidens, Unchained, and soloist) for two years. He also has an ongoing interest in Film and Game Music and was a composition student of Dr. Russell Scarbrough.

A guitar teacher for the last twelve years, Dan has been able to cover a wide range of styles with his students for all skill levels while stressing both musicality and technicality. The continuous differences in styles and levels of students always make his teaching days interesting and enjoyable. He also taught for a period at the Rochester Academy of Music and Art before moving to Los Angeles. While in Los Angeles, Dan continued to be dedicated to his private students back in Rochester by teaching them regularly over Skype.

An active performer, he considers himself blessed to have worked with fantastic musicians throughout Rochester and Los Angeles. Outside of solo performances, some of his other shows and work include: Vanessa Bejine, Speirs, RnB Classics Live, The Father’s House Church, Mosaic Church, Pino Gioia, and more. Dan feels most at home on stage performing whether it is classical, pop, top 40, rock, church music, or metal.  He considers studio session work fun but the stage is still home.