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Enable a Transformational Education

Advancement exists to promote relationships and generosity for the future of the College and Seminary.

Student Testimonials

Emily Purcell

Psychology, '23

“Roberts fosters a community unparalleled to any others I have experienced. The uplifting and altruistic atmosphere has immensely strengthened my faith and passion to help others through psychology. At Roberts, the staff and students help each other feel known as a Child of God and cultivate relationships that will endure a lifetime. Choosing Roberts Wesleyan College was the best decision I ever made, and will forever change who I am."

Isaiah Lewis

Masters in Strategic Leadership, '22

“Roberts Wesleyan has been amazing in helping my network during my time here. Being a young adult preparing for the real world, the more people you have in your corner supporting you the better. I have been able to meet and connect with people that I will consider family and friends for the rest of my life. I know that my time at Roberts is shaping me and preparing me to do great things in our world and for that I am grateful."

Sarah Lazz

Pre-Medicine, '23

“Coming from NYC, my life is always fast-paced and surrounded by noise all the time. When I came to Roberts Wesleyan College it was such a huge change from what I was used to. The air was so much cleaner and it was so calm and relaxing. Walking on campus seeing so many friendly faces made me fall in love with the college and Rochester itself. Since coming to Roberts Wesleyan I have gotten closer with my relationship with God and myself. This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!"

Mateus Moura

Business Administration, '22

“Roberts Wesleyan College has allowed me to become more independent and discover myself. Living in a different country away from my family has presented adventure as well as challenges. Being able to participate in swimming, Enactus, and working for the school has allowed for my development."