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Study Abroad Opportunities


My name is Pam Myers and I have been trying to go on this specific trip for the past two years.  The Lord put up road blocks that prohibited me from going until this February. He knew that I was chosen for “such a time as this”, as one of my professors enthusiastically reminds me. This trip to Jamaica not only opened my eyes and heart to learning about a new culture but also stretched me personally and spiritually. Being away from home also gave me the opportunity to grieve and heal things in my life that I had not been able to do until this trip. Experiencing the Jamaican culture and interacting with different agencies, young teens, and children with developmental disabilities gave me the opportunity to connect the dots in my life to why I am in social work and why I have such passion for this profession. If I did not take the opportunity to go on this trip I would have missed a critical time in development as a student and soon-to-be professional.

The Jamaican trip also gave me the opportunity to establish new friendships and to learn from others. The three professors that went with us were always available to answer questions, challenge our thinking, and offer a listening ear. Each night we had a debriefing about daily occurrences, challenges, or emotional issues.  During this time we all knew that this debriefing time was a safe and secure place where we could be ourselves.  This allowed us to be cohesive as a group and also to get to each other better. I highly encourage students to take advantage of the cross cultural trips that Roberts Wesleyan University offers.  I promise these experiences will change, recharge, and give you a new perspective, more than you could ever imagine!  SO GO FOR IT!!!!


My name is Beth Carson and I had the opportunity to study abroad in Rome, Italy. As a social work major, my eyes were open to the different cultures I encountered while in Rome and throughout my travel in Europe. When you live in another country, you become immersed with the culture, people, and their way of life while at the same time making an impact in their lives too. I got to make new memories that I would not have been able to while sitting in a classroom. You come back a changed person because you are more aware of all the diverse cultures in your own backyard.


Hello! My name is Kourtney Reed. I studied abroad in Kingston, Jamaica in my second semester of my sophomore year. My experience there was very eye opening, amazing, and challenging. As a social work major, I believe my experience in Jamaica better equipped me for the future. My experience forced me to break down my own personal walls that I never even knew existed. I learned more about myself and was impacted by the people I met there. My eyes were opened to poverty, a different culture, and diversity. I became a part of the Jamaican culture and it has changed my life. More than ever I know that I want to impact people’s lives. I highly encourage everyone, especially social work majors, to study abroad. It will impact your life forever.


¡Hola! My name is Maria Hogan and I studied abroad in Ávila, Spain in the spring of my
freshman year. I was fortunate to live with a Spanish family and travel often, being immersed in a variety of different cultures in various forms. The experience was challenging, informative, and humbling, as no one in the town I lived in spoke English including my host mom and professors, but I would not trade it for anything. I learned so much about myself, group dynamics, and a different way of life. Being a Social Work major with a minor in Spanish, my mindset was stretched and diversified to understand more ways of thinking. While there, I also worked to improve my Spanish skills so that one day I may be able to help a more diverse population without a translator. The furthered understanding of myself and the world that I gained while abroad will be irreplaceable as I continue on in the field of Social Work.

Study Abroad Guidelines

Choosing to participate in Roberts Wesleyan’s Study Abroad Program can become one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever encounter.  You have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture which will significantly enhance your spiritual, personal, and academic growth.  The faculty in the Department of Social Work encourages every student who is interested in Study Abroad to consider the following:

  1. Review Roberts Wesleyan Global Education Plan
  2. Talk to your academic advisor immediately when considering Study Abroad.
  3. BSW 3-year students wanting to participate in Study Abroad would need to do so in the second semester of their freshmen year. You must discuss your intentions with the Department Chair prior to enrolling at Roberts Wesleyan University.
  4. BSW 4-year students wanting to participate in Study Abroad would need to do so in either the Fall or Spring semester of their sophomore year or the Fall of their junior year.



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