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Four Year Plan

We are a CSWE-accredited program that offers the potential for students to complete their four-year college degree and become eligible for the advanced standing, one-year masters program in any other accredited social work program in the country.
  • The first two years of the plan focus on introducing you to the field of social work and on completing your general  education requirements.
  • The last two years of the plan focus on your social work major. Often students comment on the fact that they have been looking forward to finally getting to the hands-onpractical skill development of our social work practice class sequence. We also intentionally stir the pot, so to speak, in this practice sequence so that our students are more self-aware, increase their own self-care skills and are better prepared to handle the emotional side of social work.
  • View the course sequence.

We teach from the spiritually-enriched ecological systems perspective that both integrates faith and fosters spiritual development and sensitivity in working with all client systems.

  • The BSW faculty serve as both advisors and mentors, sharing their expertise, their faith, and their life experience, in the class room, on faculty-student research projects, and on numerous national and international trips.

We are also located in the human service rich city of Rochester, New York.

  • We have over 250 placements sites that can match any student's field interests. The program requires the completion of both our junior and senior field experiences.

Finally, our dual goal is to prepare you for entering the work force upon graduation and for moving forward to an advance social work degree in graduate school:

  • Our current students and our alumni attest to the fact that both goals are being achieved. So, if you are willing to go where you have never gone before, to allow your gifts and abilities to be sharpened and refined, and to be empowered to succeed in social work, then please know that we are more than ready to join you in that journey.



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