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Master's (M.S.) in School Psychology

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You are needed as a school psychologist more than ever.

The Master of Science in School Psychology program prepares students to evaluate, diagnose, and treat children and adolescents, in consultation with parents and teachers. Our program has expertise in data-based decision making, mental health and clinical issues.

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Program Details

15-week semesters

36 months

Under 20 students

Develop your professional identity as a school psychologist through a Master’s of Science in School Psychology. The completion of your master’s in school psychology from Roberts Wesleyan University will instruct you in how to integrate psychological evidenced based research into real-world applications. Education and exposure to the most up to date practice efforts will allow you to effectively develop as a sought after school psychologist and launch your career and professional identity. You will be afforded practice opportunities alongside highly successful school psychologists that will help guide your practice efforts in order to be successful. You will work alongside faculty with individual practice expertise of their own and develop close, collegial relationships with them along the way. Take your psychology education to the next level with a Master’s of Science in School Psychology from Roberts Wesleyan University.

Our psychology master’s program guides each student through in-depth explanations of the well-known discipline. Those who earn their master’s in psychology will be able to:

  • Apply Principles that are Ethically Sound and Represent Current Practice in the Field

  • Explain Psychological Concepts Using the Standards Set in Place by Professionals in the Discipline

  • Analyze Theories, Methodologies, Historical Trends, and Major Concepts in School Psychology

  • Determine the Scientific Merit of Professional Literature in School Psychology

  • Practice and Master Skills Necessary for Independent Practice as a School Psychologist Following Program Completion

Program Highlights

Three Year Program Includes a One-Year Paid Internship in a School Setting

A Record of 100% of Graduates Employed in the Field Upon Graduating (Career Services Annual Report)

A Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) Awarded at the Time of Program Completion

Cross-Disciplinary Collaborative Experience with Clinical Psychology/ School Psychology

Experience Faculty with Strong Professional Networks

100% Passing Rate on the Praxis II Exam in School Psychology

Why Choose School Psychology M.S. at Roberts?

Our academic program was built and approved in accordance within the curriculum structure addressing the 10 NASP Educational Standards and within the guidelines set forth by New York State which addresses the current research and evidenced based practice in the field of school psychology. Throughout program history, radical changes in the educational climate in P-12 schools have helped shape the field of school psychology and the development of many new program initiatives to allow our graduates to make impactful contributions within their chosen careers.

The accredited Masters of Science in School Psychology Program at Roberts Wesleyan University prepares students to make important contributions within complex school systems as collaborators, consultants, experts in the field of diagnosis and treatment of children with disabilities and mental health issues. Further, they learn how to become key contributors in understanding child development and issues that affect cognitive ability and learning, keen observers of the work that is done in educational systems, and how to perform within a highly ethical and professional manner. Students will deepen their understanding in global curricular areas of cognitive psychology, learning, counseling, assessment, consultation, development, applied research, and ethical practice. Students will be able to take information learned in the academic classroom and within a supervised practice experience in the field and be able to:

  • Demonstrate their Understanding of Professional Ethics Within the Field of School Psychology

  • Develop Professional Qualities of Empathy, Work Ethic, and Relationship Building When Working with Diverse Groups with Multiple Perspectives

  • Evaluate Research Which Can be Applied to Generate Findings and Ideas

  • Advance the Practice of Psychology Within the Schools to Promote the Well-Being of Children, Families, and Educational Communities

  • Provide Direct Services of Counseling, Assessment and Intervention with Preschool Children, School Age Children and Adolescent Populations

Diversify your understanding in psychology and develop a specific area of expertise in school psychology practice through the Master’s of Science in School Psychology program at Roberts Wesleyan University. Contact us today for additional curriculum information, application requirements, or to tour our campus in New York State.

Career Outlook

The Master’s of Science in School Psychology program provided by Roberts Wesleyan University will put students in a great position to secure positions in school psychology both throughout New York State and across the United States. Students can expect to see a heightened demand for psychology-related employment opportunities through 2029, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Those who graduate from the Roberts Wesleyan University in the Master’s of Science in School Psychology will leave with appropriate credentialing for a NYS certification in School Psychology that leads to Permanent certification in the field following two years of full time work experience in New York States. Additionally, students who choose to work outside of NYS will be eligible for additional credentialing (i.e. licensure) as prescribed in accordance with individualized State requirements that are unique for each State. Students will also be eligible for NCSP credential (Nationally Certified School Psychologist) as they will have earned their degree from a NASP accredited program. The Master of Science in School Psychology program at Roberts Wesleyan University will offer students opportunities for professional growth and help apply the use of psychological principles in practice.

The Roberts Wesleyan University campus has a fantastic group of faculty in the department of psychology. Our professors and faculty members bring diverse experience, knowledge, and certification directly to each individual student. Many faculty members have worked in a variety of professional capacities. These include private practice, P-12 Schools, Administration and leadership, Hospitals, Counseling Centers, and Research I Universities.

Contact Roberts Wesleyan University today for additional curriculum information and application requirements. Tour our campus in New York State for additional facility information.

>Sources cited: Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Psychologists, at https://www.bls.gov/ooh/life-physical-and-social-science/psychologists.htm (visited January 20, 2021).

Alumni Making A Difference

Susan Fite ’05

School Psychologist, Greece Central School District

Laura Armstrong ’09

School Psychologist, Kyrene School District (Phoenix, AZ)

Amber Hildebrand ’10

School Psychologist, Brockport Central School District

Matt Newsome

Matt Newsome '14

School Psychologist, Carteret County
(North Carolina)

 Emily McGarry Photo

Emily McGarry ’20

Newark Central School District, Kelley School

Jacqueline Pedulla Photo

Jacqueline Pedulla ’20

Gananda Central School District, School Psychologist

Nicole Young Photo

Nicole Young ’20

Phelps Clifton Springs School District, CSE chair teacher on special assignment 

Kayleigh Rothdiener (Bacchetta) Photo

Kayleigh Rothdiener (Bacchetta) ’20

Klem Road South Elementary School, Webster Central School District

Jillian LaRose Photo

Jillian LaRose ’21

Royalton-Hartland Central School, School Psychologist

Craig Pahl Photo

Craig Pahl ’22

Penn Yan Elementary, School Psychologist

Keith Murphy Photo

Keith Murphy ’22

Windham Middle School, CT, School Psychologist

Rachel Wendt Photo

Rachel Wendt ’22

Canandaigua Middle School, School Psychologist

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Get More Info by clicking below to request details on our program admissions, curriculum, tuition, and more.


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