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Three Year Plan

The three-year Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) curriculum plan is for undergraduate social work majors. Under this curriculum, incoming social work students could complete a four-year traditional program in three years:

  • Students will need to maintain a course load of 17 to 18 credits each semester during the first two years as well as complete several summer courses.
  • This will reduce their BSW Program by one full semester— a substantial financial savings.
  • View the course sequence here.

The BSW program prepares students for a variety of professional positions in agencies that help people with life's problems. A BSW social worker might work in jobs ranging from adoptions, to working with pregnant teenagers, to helping grieving parents in a hospital, and a diverse variety of other kinds of helping jobs.

The BSW programs help prepare students to work in any type of social work setting. Roberts’ BSW program is unique because of its Christian perspective on how to help people.



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