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All In to Advance Your Career and the Future of Healthcare.

At Roberts, we’re going all in to help you advance professionally. Boost your career in healthcare administration and become a character-driven leader.

You’ll apply practical management skills and tools in healthcare administration. Develop servant leadership acumen and build your confidence in strategic planning, financial management, and addressing complex ethical issues.

Achieve more with your master’s degree designed for working professionals. Are you ready to unlock your potential?

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Program Details

8-week semesters

12 (full-time) to 24 (part-time) months

Under 20 students

43 credits for the Standard Program

Online (synchronous) or Hybrid

Career Outlook


  • Chief Administrative Officer
  • Neighborhood Manager
  • Residential Manager
  • Sonographer
  • Staff Therapist


  • CSC Oncology
  • Excelsior Orthopedics
  • St. John’s Home
  • University of Rochester

Pursuing a degree in healthcare administration is an ultimately rewarding decision with plenty of opportunities for career advancement. Many health care organizations require professionals skilled in the clerical management of various health systems.

A highly in-demand position, a health administrator may be responsible for:

  • Overseeing hospital budgets and patient billing.
  • Staying on top of technological trends within the healthcare industry.
  • Knowledge of current healthcare laws and regulations.
  • Scheduling shifts for health care operations
  • Coordinating medical staff and department heads to ensure patients receive the best health care services possible.
  • And other important health management tasks.

If you're a student interested in advancing your career into this area, then Roberts Wesleyan University offers the perfect opportunity to do so. Our Master's health administration program ensures that our students have all the skills they'll need to excel as healthcare professionals.

Healthcare Administration Program

Healthcare Administration Program Highlights:


Working professionals can complete this degree in just 12-24 months, full or part-time and in the classroom, or 100% online

ADVANCED STANDING OPTION AVAILABLE - Graduates of Roberts' Health Administration, B.S. may complete their Master's degree in as few as 14 months by receiving credit for some undergraduate work


EXAM-FREE CURRICULUM - Grades based on papers, presentations, and projects

At Roberts Wesleyan University, we have full 18-month health care administration degree programs with a hands-on curriculum instructing students in all the skills necessary to excel in health care administration.

All courses are led by experts in their field whose lessons focus on strategic planning, financial management, healthcare policy, public health, human resource management, patient safety, critical thinking skills, healthcare delivery, and other examples of practical knowledge valued by healthcare organizations.

Admission to Roberts Wesleyan University's MSHA program requires that the prospective Master of science earner has a bachelor's degree in a business, clinical, IT, or healthcare-related field from an accrediting body. Additionally, they must have a GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale and two years' worth of experience in a health care environment.

While our health care administration courses can cost upwards of $38,000, we also provide several financial aid options and payment plans to help our graduate students stand out in their chosen career paths.

While the in-person class benefits from direct interaction with your professor, our online courses can fit neatly into any working professional's schedule.

The online healthcare administration course is structured into several in-depth courses that provide expert instruction on skills valued in the healthcare and business space, such as strategic planning, public health, standard healthcare policy, and the inner workings of several healthcare systems.

Each module is learned one at a time in consecutive order, with each new lesson building on what the previous one taught. Overall, the entire online course takes 5 - 8 weeks to complete.

Advance Your Career in Healthcare Administration

There's an ever-increasing demand for healthcare administrators within the industry, and getting your Master's degree in the field only enhances your chances of finding fulfilling work.

The Robert Wesleyan University healthcare administration degree program is guaranteed to instill valuable expertise into our students that allow them to excel regardless of whether they end up in a hospital, clinic, provider network, or government service.

Healthcare Industry Statistics

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the prospects for healthcare administration remain lucrative for the foreseeable future. Most healthcare organizations, on average, expect a large amount of growth in health administration, managerial, and executive positions. Health professions are increasing faster than most positions, with a 20% growth rate anticipated through 2026.

Further projections regarding healthcare administration jobs indicate that a master's degree opens more career advancement opportunities than an undergraduate degree.

Additionally, the potential wages remain high, with the median salary equaling over $99,000 and the highest earners making upwards of $180,000 per year.

Why Choose Roberts Wesleyan University?

A historically Christian school, Roberts Wesleyan University is a community of scholars dedicated to transforming society by creating future leaders who are thoughtful, spiritual, and knowledgeable individuals.

We believe that a well-rounded education works to create a well-rounded person, with not only the mental acuity to excel in their field but the strength of character to face any obstacle.

Roberts health administration schooling, along with all other courses on this campus, grants students all of the knowledge they need to obtain a master of science degree or dual degree while also addressing psychological, physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs.

Our educational methods mirror the wide-ranging complexities of everyday life and human diversity, ensuring every student has the best tools to gain a life of success and achievement.

Alumni Making A Difference

Kurt Koczent

Kurt Koczent '08

COO, Thompson Health

Michael R Donegan

Michael Donegan '15, MSHA, PT, DPT, CCI 

Director of Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Services, Noyes Health

Destiney Fraguada

Destiney Fraguada '17

Operational Support Analyst, Rochester Regional Health

Kristen Opett

Kristen Opett '07

VP and Chief Nursing Officer, Rochester Regional Health

Edward Doyle

Edward Doyle '07

Chiropractor, Penfield Chiropractic Office

David Fagan

David Fagan '12

Senior Compensation Analyst, Paychex, Inc.

William Gutschow

William Gutschow '16

Practice Administrator, Medicine in Psychiatry at URMC Strong

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