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Childhood and Special Education, M.Ed.

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Become a NYS certified teacher in Childhood Education (grades 1-6) or Adolescence (grades 7-12) through this affordable and flexible dual certification program; developed for working adults who want to become teachers.

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Standard Completion Time

16 months full-time, 28 months part-time | Hybrid

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Start Terms

  • August 29, 2022
    Hybrid only
  • January 17, 2023
    Hybrid only

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Program Highlights

  • Work-friendly schedule (evening and online classes with full/part-time options)

  • Interview prep with local principals and superintendents

  • Faculty coaching through the certification process

  • Review sessions for certification exams

  • Teacher Immersion Fellowship Program (paid work in schools while enrolled)

  • Focus on connecting theory and practice

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Earning a master's degree in elementary and special education puts you at the forefront of student learning research and curriculum formulation. The responsibilities of a teacher are wide-ranging, so our faculty at the Roberts Wesleyan College intensively focus on classroom training, practicum experience, and field placement for all students who want to commit their careers to education.

According to recent data from the Office of Special Education, America has a profound need for education professionals.

Our Childhood and Special Education degree program helps graduates foster vibrant careers and earn dual certification. Also, our graduates learn the skills to support students in all content areas.Our Childhood and Special Education programs teach students skills to help families, formulate creative planned lessons and teaching strategies, and become more efficient educators with the aid of technology.

Popular Careers & Employers


  • Teacher


  • Rochester City School District
  • Charter Schools
  • Public Schools
  • Private Schools

Our Approach to Elementary and Special Education

Our approach to elementary and special education covers the teaching strategies our graduates need to excel in the classroom training. Students respond to a broad range of teaching styles and our future teachers learn to utilize various teaching methods and models to support students.

Introducing the Fundamentals of Elementary Education

Students are introduced to to the foundations of special education,literacy, and lesson planning. As a learner, you will learn to support and respect diversity in the elementary classroom setting.

Individualized Elementary Education

As a teacher, you must identify the strengths and needs of each student and create an inclusive classroom that fosters a healthy learning environment for everyone.

In your program, you will learn to utilize data-driven instruction to identify instructional methods and interventions to support student growth and skill development.

Teaching Children in the Information Age

Our program features courses enabling educators and students to function in the changing landscape of the information age.

As a student, we'll equip you with the knowledge and practical experience to guide growing students through the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive changes they'll experience as they step into adolescence. You'll be aware of the impacts of their communities, previous school, and family on the construction of their identity.

You will learn how to create a lesson plan and utilize instructional technology

Placement Programs That Turn Science and Theory Into Action

In your final term at the Roberts Wesleyan College, our student teaching program will offer you a placement in a classroom setting. Before graduating, you will attend Capstone Seminars and learn situational problem solving through analysis, role-playing, and writing reflection papers under the supervision of highly trained practitioners.

The Roberts Wesleyan College Advantage

Admission into Roberts Wesleyan College is highly sought-after by many working professionals and bachelor's degree holders in New York. We have a highly selective screening process that allows us to maintain a student-faculty ratio of 11:1, with more than 80% of our classes featuring less than 25 students.

Producing Top-Notch Graduates

Roberts Wesleyan College ranks in the top 25% of New York colleges in terms of value for money and 42nd out of 132 colleges in terms of educational quality.

Amenable to Working Students

By enrolling in the Childhood and Special Education, M.Ed. program, you can earn New York State teaching certification in Childhood and Special Education while working a full-time job. We offer financial assistance to over 75% of our students.

Alumni Making A Difference

Lori Garratt

Lori Garratt ’11

5th Grade Teacher, Canandaigua Elementary School

Nicole Matthis

Nicole Mathis '15

Special Education Teacher, Rochester City School District

Jacob Russell

Jacob Russell ’15

5th Grade Math/Science Teacher, Plato Academy in Clearwater, FL

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