Social Work

Whether you are a full-time or part-time student in either the three-year plan or the traditional four-year plan, you will be ready and qualified to enter into the beginning level of generalist social work practice. 

  • Our field education program offers hands on opportunities to enhance your social work practice skills at every level. 
  • In our Salvation Army Interviewing lab every fall, students gain practical interviewing skills with multiple clients who will be participating in the Christmas Assistance Program. 
  • Our Social Work Settings course taken in the sophomore or junior year will take you on 8 different agency road trips to learn and listen from professionals already in the field. 
  • During the spring social work practice with the family course, students will participate in the Emergency Room Trauma Simulation Lab where they will put into practice their crisis intervention skills and learn to develop their interdisciplinary collaboration skills with our nursing students and medical personnel. 
  • Finally, students will have opportunity to complete both a junior level and senior level field placement that provides on-the-job training with clients all across the lifespan and in locations all across the world. 

At Roberts, we will come along side of you as the temporary assistant to the Holy Spirit in order to help your dreams and calling come true.


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