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The pre-doctoral internship represents the culminating experience for students in the PsyD program. Its purpose is to provide intensive, supervised experience in the roles and functions of the practicing psychologist, as well as to provide a broad exposure to the educational and community environment of the internship site. The internship may occur on a full-time basis over a period of one academic year or on a half-time basis over a period of two consecutive academic years.  

The ideal internship provides a balance between breadth and depth of experience. This growth experience requires regular and consistent contact with supervisors, which in turn allows for the natural evolution of the intern from student to professional.  

Applying for an Accredited Pre-Doctoral Internship

Students have options for completing their pre-doctoral internship. Students are expected to complete internships that are accredited by the American Psychological Association, or that meet the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) member criteria. APPIC criteria and other information can be found at These internships are high quality training experiences that are paid and are available nationally. Faculty support is provided to students throughout the application process. Students at Roberts have been highly successful obtaining accredited internships.

Applying for a Designed Pre-Doctoral Internship

Although students are encouraged to seek internships through the APPPIC process, the program recognizes that this will not be possible for all students. Because few APA approved school psychology internships exist, students who wish to complete their internship in a school setting may need to find an internship outside of this process. Some students may wish to combine a clinical site with a school site for a specialized internship that fits their interests. Additionally, APA accredited internships are highly competitive and often involve relocation. For students who are unable to relocate, a local internship can be developed in consultation with the program. 

Partial Summary Statistics 2020-21 Internship

OutcomeNumber of StudentsPercent
Students who sought or applied for internships9100%
Students who obtained internships9100%
Students who obtained paid internships777%
Students who obtained APA/CPA accredited internships555%
Students who obtained other internships that were not APA/CPA-accredited445%

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