Doctor of Psychology - Program Aims

Psy.D. Program Aim One

To prepare doctoral level practitioners of health service psychology who can ethically deliver effective, evidence-based psychological services in a variety of settings with diverse populations.

  • The program is designed to ensure that students have attained the necessary discipline-specific knowledge that provides a foundation for the practice health service psychology, including graduate level knowledge of:
    • History and Systems of Psychology
    • Affective Aspects of Behavior
    • Biological Aspects of Behavior
    • Cognitive Aspects of Behavior
    • Developmental Aspects of Behavior
    • Social Aspects of Behavior
    • Advanced Integrative Knowledge of Basic Discipline-Specific Content Areas
    • Research Methods
    • Quantitative Methods
    • Psychometrics
  • The program is designed to ensure that students have attained the necessary profession-wide competencies for the practice of health service psychology, including competencies in:
    • Research
    • Ethical and legal standards
    • Individual and cultural diversity
    • Professional values and attitudes
    • Communication and interpersonal skills
    • Assessment
    • Intervention
    • Supervision
    • Consultation and interprofessional/interdisciplinary skills

Psy.D. Program Aim Two

To prepare practitioners who can integrate the science and practice of psychology with principles of the Christian faith The program requires students to demonstrate:

  • Basic knowledge of Christian theology and current models of integration
  • The ability to critique models of therapy from the perspective of Christian theology
  • Knowledge of  how to responsibly work with religious and spiritual issues in Christian and non-Christian clients

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