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Courses numbered 1000-1999 are open to freshmen; 2000-2999 to sophomores; 3000-3999 to juniors; 4000-4999 to seniors. It is recommended that students elect courses in the years for which they are listed. Freshmen will be admitted to courses above the 2000 level only with the consent of the instructor and the student’s advisor. Juniors and seniors taking freshman courses may be expected to do additional work. Any course above 4999 is a graduate course.

The number in parentheses following the course title indicates the semester hours of credit assigned to the course.
An H following the course number indicates an honors level course.

COMD 2203
Media, Religion & Faith [Course] (3)
(Liberal Arts)
This course examines the interplay between media, religion, and faith from a Christian perspective. Religious culture and Christian culture often coexist in an uneasy, if not openly hostile, tension with the media. This course seeks to understand the causes and potential responses to this tension.