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Homecoming Week 2021

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September 20-26, 2021

On behalf of the entire Alumni Office, thank you to the 70+ faculty, staff, and volunteers who came together to make this year's first hybrid Homecoming a success!  With limited resources and time, so many went above and beyond and we are so grateful.

We enjoyed seeing alumni and friends from around the country gathered together virtually and finally in person, many for the first time since graduation.

From Rochester to Hawaii to Canada, we are so thankful for the over 800 alumni, students, parents, and friends who joined us to celebrate from 25 States and 3 countries!

  • Thank you to everyone who made these events possible:
    • 3 Virtual Faculty Talks
    • 6 Student Life Events
    • 9 Special Reunion Events
    • 2 Concerts
    • 6 Athletic Competitions
    • 3 Food Trucks & 10 Giant & Lawn Games
    • And one (very late & rainy) Outdoor Movie Double Feature!
  • Relive Homecoming 2021
  • Reunion Class Giving Competition 
    • $23,950 total raised!
    • Class of 1971 won “most amount raised” AND “most number of donors” with $18,820 donated and 21 donors!
    • The sign on the main campus and on the north campus will now read “Alumni Lane and Alumni Way – Class of 1971”. That is… until next year’s Homecoming when the new reunion classes compete!
    • Go to www.roberts.edu/reunionclassgiving to see the final score.

Homecoming 2022 | September 23 - 25, 2022

Save the date!

Five Year Reunions – Classes ending in “7” & “2”!

Check back after the New Year for more information!​