Sports Management and Marketing

Do you have a passion for sports? Now you can share that love with others as part of your job when you go through our Sports Managements and Marketing program.

Program Highlights


The Rochester region has many options for internships and shadowing in the sports industry, from minor league teams to retails stores to the fitness industry. Find an internship that fits your passion.


You'll have a solid foundation for marketing outside the sports industry as well as inside, giving you maximum flexibility in your career.


Learn at the only NCAA DII college in Rochester - you will be able to learn on-campus from our athletics teams who are well-versed in the legal ins and outs of organized sports.

B.S. Program Credits:128

General Education:B.S: 60

Major/Concentration: B.S.:68


Standard Completion Time
B.S. Four Year Program


What Will I Learn?

You will learn the basics of marketing and then be able to apply these principles to sports management and marketing through coursework, hands-on experience, and internships. You will learn from professors who have been involved in the sports industry, both from the coaching side and the marketing side. You will also be well prepared to go on to graduate school programs. 

Where Can It Take Me?


  • Rochester Red Wings
  • FCA Colorado Lacrosse
  • Rochester Razor sharks
  • Rochester Rhinos Soccer
  • Total Sports Experience


  • Coaching/training
  • Sports Communication
  • Retail marketing
  • Manufacturing marketing
  • Community sports marketing
  • Fitness industry marketing

Grad Schools

  • Columbia University
  • Syracuse University
  • Concordia University 
  • Georgetown University
  • Roberts Wesleyan College

Who Will I Meet?


William Todd, Associate Professor of Marketing

Professor Todd, Faculty at Roberts since 1984 is Lead Professor of both Undergraduate Marketing  and Sports Management & Marketing majors. He is also the Major Faculty Internship Supervisor of the undergraduate business program and is a certified  Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) by the American Marketing Association. Prior to becoming a full-time professor, Mr. Todd worked for Eastman Kodak Company and Conoco-Phillips, among other employers. He also consults for both profit and non-profit organizations and was part of the Rochester, NY Ad Council Training Academy program from 2004-2014.


Madison Gosch, Sports Management & Marketing

I came to Roberts after falling in love with the community, my track team, and my administrators. I could tell right from the beginning that everyone on campus are my cheerleaders- they truly all want me to succeed both inside and outside the classroom. After three semesters of being an education major, Roberts introduced Sports Management & Marketing to the school. I have wanted to study this since my sophomore year of high school, so it was a clear choice to switch. Since being a SM&M major, I have enjoyed many sports marketing and sports management classes that will prepare me for both fields. I am excited to continue the next four semesters in many classes that will prepare me for my goal to be a part of the Nike Marketing team.



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