The Marketing major will prepare you for a wide variety of industries and marketing sub-specialties by cultivating business, creative, and communication skills considered vital to organizations.

Program Highlights


Participate in field work/internships locally or nationally. 


Be prepared to interview for your dream job  


Be a part of an organization that is challenging the status quo in Rochester and beyond  

B.S. Program Credits: 124

General Education:B.S. 60

Major/Concentration: B.S. 74

Standard Completion Time
Four Year Program


What Will I Learn?

You will take focused marketing courses that address social media, and the functional concerns of commerce, industry, and non-profit organizations. Coursework includes core business disciplines such as accounting, management, finance, economics, and information systems.

Where Can It Take Me?


  • Friends of Highland Hospital
  • Rochester Refugee Resettlement Services
  • John’s Home
  • Dixon-Schwabl Inc.


  • Video Production Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Coordinator
  • Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Marketing Communication Coordinator
  • Product Support Specialist
  • Marketing Director
  • Human Resources Officer 

Grad Schools

  • Roberts Wesleyan College

Alumni Success

Michael McGinnis'11

Digital Project Coordinator

Dixon Schwabl 

Kim Do'03

Strategic Communications Director

Nuru International


Who Will I Meet?


William Todd, Associate Professor of Marketing

Professor Todd, Faculty at Roberts since 1984 is Lead Professor of both Undergraduate Marketing  and Sports Management & Marketing majors. He is also the Major Faculty Internship Supervisor of the undergraduate business program and is a certified  Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) by the American Marketing Association. Prior to becoming a full-time professor, Mr. Todd worked for Eastman Kodak Company and Conoco-Phillips, among other employers. He also consults for both profit and non-profit organizations and was part of the Rochester, NY Ad Council Training Academy program from 2004-2014.


Emily Miller, Marketing

“My experience in the Undergraduate Business Department at Roberts has truly given me a glimpse into the possibilities that business can provide to me. After multiple experiences with marketing firms outside of Roberts, I can say that each class has provided me with some form of preparation. I think the most unique aspect of the Undergraduate Business Department is the professors. They show so much support to students in all they do, and as a basketball player, I love having them in the stands! They have furthered my passion for business and marketing, and for that reason, I will always be grateful.”



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