Program Benefits

By being a part of this program, you gain a head start on discovering the right major and future career for yourself! We empower you to choose:

  • ...the perfect major,
  • ...double majors, minors, areas of concentration, internships and course clusters
  • ...a career that they will find deeply satisfying.

Program Benefits

Personalized Advising and Course Sampling

Specially-trained advisors guide your exploration process, helping you find classes and sequences that will lead you quickly to clarity about the perfect course of study for you. Students sample courses in a variety of disciplines, while fulfilling general education requirements that move them toward graduation.

Exploratory First-Year Seminar  

A special exploratory section of First-Year Seminar provides AEP students with clarity about who they are and what they want while thoroughly exploring the variety of academic and career choices available to them. Being with other students who are actively exploring their options provides insights from peers and a valuable sense of community.

Academic Exploration Program (AEP) Social Media Accounts and Blog 

AEP students are connected through social media accounts and the Academic Exploration Program Blog. Students interact with one another, sign up for the benefits of the AEP Program listed below, and access helpful videos, blogs, news, and research. A detailed calendar guides them through each stage of the academic year and informs them of departmental and program events.

Guided Self-Assessment

Students take advantage of in-depth support offered by Career Services.  Students complete validated personality, aptitude and career interest assessments as well as other aspects of a carefully constructed 4-Year Development Plan.

Classroom Visitation Program

AEP students choose to attend representative classes in other disciplines that are of interest to them, so they can get a tangible sense of what it would be like to be a student in that department.

Faculty Lunch Program

Have you heard great things about a professor or a major on campus? Simply request a lunch with that professor through the Academic Exploration Page. The program sets up a time for you to meet and provides a lunch voucher for the professor. Students use this program to explore a discipline and discuss the experiences of majors, minors, and interns in that department. 

Alumni Mentoring and Internships

AEP students develop relationships with alumni mentors who are currently working in a wide variety of careers.  This helps them discern what they are looking for in a career and provides crucial connections for their future job search. Mentoring can involve emailing, meeting for lunches, or even job shadowing. Students can pursue multiple internships in different careers that also can count as college credit. 

Exploratory Social Events

Evening events include coffee houses with panels of alumni, formerly undeclared students, and students who have pursued a variety of programs of study. Students are exposed to new ideas for their academic and career paths and also build community with fellow AEP participants.

Enhanced Career and Internship Fair Experience

AEP students prepare ahead of time for the RWC Career and Internship Fair and attend a lunch afterwards for a guided discussion of their experiences, insights, and questions.