Program Benefits

Course sampling

The AEP takes allows you to sample courses in a wide variety of disciplines, while fulfilling general education requirements that move you steadily towards graduation.

Personalized Advising

Personalized academic advising will help you select appropriate courses in a sequence that will facilitate your exploration process, helping to ensure that you remain on track to graduate.

First-Year Seminar

You may participate in a special section of First-Year Seminar for students in the AEP, benefitting from the close support of a faculty member and student mentor. This seminar provides structured opportunities to learn more about your interests and strengths, and the programs offered at Roberts, while developing a sense of community with other students who are also actively exploring their options.


Take advantage of the support offered by Career Services, by completing personality and career interest assessments. Personalized feedback will assist you as you explore your options for majors and careers.

AEP Activities

  • Classroom Visitation Program: You may arrange to attend a class in an area of interest, to gain firsthand experience and knowledge of a discipline, before enrolling in a class.
  • Faculty Interviews: You may arrange to interview faculty members to learn about different majors and potential career options.
  • Professional Interviews: You may arrange to interview a professional in order to learn more about a potential career.
  • Semester Events: Events such as workshops, panels, and major fairs will be offered to help you in your decision process.
  • Campus Activities: You are encouraged to actively participate in the co-curricular and spiritual life of the college, gaining experience and knowledge that will be valuable in helping you solidify your interests.