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Cross-Disciplinary Studies BA/BS

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Design Your Dream Major Through Cross-Disciplinary Studies.

Is it challenging to fit all of your passions into one major? It’s easy when you blend three of your passions into one custom major. Drawing upon pre-existing majors and minors, you’ll have the freedom and guidance to choose a combination to achieve your unique goals and maximize your potential. Be all in to pursue your one-of-a-kind calling!

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4 Year Promise

At Roberts, we are committed to giving you a head start in earning income and achieving your personal goals by helping you graduate in four years. In fact, we guarantee it.


Program Highlights

100% employed or in grad school in the first year after graduation.

3,000 possible combinations for creating your own major.

Combine one existing minor and two areas of study from Roberts’ offerings.


Jake Landean Headshot

Jake Landean ‘22 (Cross-Disciplinary Studies) combined his love of Business, Religion and Philosophy, and Social Sciences.

“I love the variety of classes I got to take! For example, Organizational Leadership helped me become more of a leader in the workplace. For Religion and Philosophy, I took Intro to Christian Theology (taught by Dr. McPherson) and that taught me more about the diverse range of opinions about God and Christianity I never knew about before. In Social Sciences, I took Ethnic and Social Diversity, and I loved learning about the differences between Hispanic and Latino cultures.”

How Does This Work?

First, you'll select a minor from our rich array of options. Then, you’ll pick two different areas of study, such as Business, Computer Science, Education, Visual Arts, and more.

Whether you draw from three distinct fields or study three facets of the same topic, you’ll build upon a foundation of Christian faith.

You’ll cap off your experience with the Senior Integrative Project. This capstone project helps you look back on the three areas of study, reflect on your personal journey, and how your studies have complemented each other.

At Roberts Wesleyan University, your education isn't just a series of courses; it's a tailored experience. Go all in to chart your own course and follow your one-of-a-kind calling.

Cross-Disciplinary Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

Cross-Disciplinary Studies is a major at Roberts that allows you to design a customized path of study. With 3,000 possible combinations, you’ll be able to study what’s most relevant to your personal interests and goals.

Do you have many interests and aren’t sure what to choose to study in college? Do you have a non-traditional career path in mind? At Roberts, you don’t have to choose between your passions and what you’ll study.

As a cross-disciplinary student, you can build your own major by customizing three areas of study offered at Roberts. In doing so, you can study all that you’re interested in to help you reach your unique goals.

If you have many interests and you’re not sure which area to devote all your studies to, the Cross-Disciplinary Studies major may be right for you. In this, you can study three fields you’re interested in.

The Cross-Disciplinary Studies major might also be a good fit if there isn’t a specific major that will prepare you for the career you’re interested in.

Yes! If you come to campus for an individual visit, you can meet with a professor to get an overview of the major and your individual questions answered. Our Discovery Day events typically include a Faculty & Services Expo, where you can meet your future professors.

We are committed to helping students meet the financial obligation to earn a degree and advance a career. Our Office of Student Financial Services works to assist all students in their effort to maximize financial aid. We award financial assistance to 100% of our undergraduate students.

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