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Academic Exploration Program

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Academic Exploration Program: Go All In to Discover Your Calling

Not sure what you want to major in? Our Academic Exploration Program will help you discover your unique vocation. Sample a variety of courses, chat with career experts and caring faculty, and take charge of your future. With our tailored educational pathways, you'll have the tools to make a real impact.

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4 Year Promise

At Roberts, we are committed to giving you a head start in earning income and achieving your personal goals by helping you graduate in four years. In fact, we guarantee it.


Program Highlights

Caring faculty and staff will guide you to discover who you’ll become

Learn to discern God’s calling for your life

Connect with like-minded students and make new friends


Tai Headshot

“Hi, I’m Tai. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do in high school. So, after I picked Roberts, I joined the Academic Exploration Program. I met other students who also didn’t know what they wanted to do. It was comforting to know I wasn’t alone!

We got a student mentor as well as an advising professor. These people helped us navigate some self-discovery projects. It helped us realize what we’re good at, what works, and what we don’t want to do.

Personally, I figured out I wasn’t a science guy at all. I got to shadow some Business and Communication courses – and boom, Business was the major for me. Now, after graduating, I work as the director of operations for a local company, and I love it.”

What Will I Learn

At Roberts Wesleyan University, we've crafted an educational journey that's all about you.

You’ll discover your calling through these helpful activities:
  • A unique exploratory First Year Seminar
  • Guided self-assessment
  • Visiting classrooms
  • Meeting different professors
  • Career and Internship Fair
Academic Exploration

How Will This Program Help Me?

This program at Roberts Wesleyan University will help you discover the major that’s right for you. We’ll build your confidence and mentor you in discovering God’s calling for your life.

We believe it’s okay to not know exactly what you want to do yet – it’s a process. It might seem like all your classmates are set on what to study but, in fact, it’s estimated that up to 50% of students enter college undeclared or switch majors. You’re not alone.

Here at Roberts, you’ll find your community. We work hard to understand your unique goals and create an environment where you can safely take risks.

We’re all in for who you’re becoming and for what you’ll do. Are you ready to go all in too?

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no single answer. At Roberts, we expect that you won’t have your whole life mapped out already. That’s why we created the Academic Exploration Program.

If you come to Roberts unsure of what to major in, you’ll be supported and given plenty of opportunities to sample a variety of fields.

With guided self-assessments, mentoring, and the opportunity to be flexible with your classes, you’ll find a major that will help you pursue your one-of-a-kind calling.

We’re here to help you figure that out. You tell us about your passions and dreams, and we’ll help you connect to the right major.

It does not matter.

One advantage of applying to a major is that it helps you find your community right away. Through the Academic Exploration Program you’ll immediately connect with like minded students.

Knowing that, as a student at Roberts, you’ll be set up for long-term career success even if you enter without declaring a major. In the Academic Exploration program, you’ll experience personalized advising, course campling, exploratory courses, and much more to help you find the major that’s the best fit for you.

Yes! If you come to campus for an individual visit, you can meet face-to-face with a professor to get an overview of the program and your questions answered. Our Discovery Day events typically include a Faculty & Services Expo, where you can meet your future professors.

Yes, we are committed to helping students meet the financial obligation to earn a degree and advance a career.  The Office of Student Financial Services works to assist all students in  financial aid.  In 2022-23, Roberts awarded financial assistance to 100% of our full-time undergraduate students.

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