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Academic Exploration Program

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We believe that exploration in college should be expected and celebrated! As a student in the Academic Exploration Program, you will discover your best course of study and career. We’ll help you find the perfect major for you, as well as double majors, minors, areas of concentration, and more.

Program Highlights

Choose Your Perfect Major

Decide if You Want Additional Areas of Study

Discover a Career that is Deeply Satisfying

Receive Multiple Benefits of Going Through This Program

  • Personalized Advising and Course Sampling
  • Exploratory First Year Seminar
  • Connect with Other Students through Social Media & Blogging
  • Guided Self Assessment
  • Classroom Visitation Program
  • Faculty Lunch Program
  • Alumni Mentoring and Internships
  • Exploratory Social Events
  • Enhanced Career and Internship Fair Experience

Career Exploration

The Academic Exploration Program gives students the opportunity to explore their career paths through various opportunities. Students will be given the ability to learn more about themselves, different majors and careers, and engage with career specialists, faculty, and alumni. By taking advantage of our offerings, students will be able to grow as individuals and take initiative in paving a path for their future.

From the Guided Self-Assessment student will have the opportunity to take advantage of in-depth support offered by career services. The self-assessment helps students to complete validated personality, aptitude and career interest assessments as well as other aspects of a carefully constructed 4-year Development plan.

Alumni Mentoring and Internships allow for students to develop relationships with alumni mentors who are currently working in a wide variety of careers. These will help students discern what they are looking for in a career and provide crucial connections for their future job search. Mentoring can include things such as emailing, meeting for lunches, and job shadowing. From Alumni mentoring and Internships students can pursue multiple internships in different careers that can also count for college credit.

By participating in the Enhanced Career and Internship Fair Experience students will prepare ahead of time for the Roberts fair. They will also attend a lunch afterward for a guided discussion of their experiences, insights, and questions. From this students will be presented with the opportunity for job and internship searches that can take place during or after college.

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