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Global Honors Program

Global Honors Program

Do you want to change the world? Are you ready for the world to change you?

High-achieving students of all majors can enhance their college experience through the exclusive Global Honors Program at Roberts Wesleyan College. The program has been intentionally designed with brave people like you in mind! In this exciting, two-year program, you will extend your learning far beyond the walls of a classroom as you explore Rochester and make global connections to local issues. At the end of the program, your learning will have real-world application on a 3 week, all-expenses-paid trip to Brazil which has been carefully designed to further broaden your worldview!

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What Will I Learn?

Explore global connections through a Christ-centered worldview in this two-year program.

  • Year One: Explore Rochester and discover how historical events that took place in our city have impacted today’s society.
  • Years One and Two: Experience the world through unique courses with a Global focus.
  • Summer Following Year Two: Participate in a three-week all-expenses-paid trip to Brazil which has been carefully designed to further broaden your worldview!

When you complete the Global Honors Program with 18 credits, you will earn a Global Studies Minor. These courses replace existing general education requirements.

Study Abroad in Brazil

Iguazu Falls in Brazil

After visiting Iguazu Falls in Brazil, Niagara Falls will look like a kiddy pool.

At the end of your sophomore year, you will have the opportunity to apply and expand your knowledge from the program during a three-week, on-location course in Brazil.

  • Experience Brazilian culture through Portuguese lessons and hands-on workshops in Brazilian Martial Arts, dance, cooking and more.
  • Participate in a service-learning project with Instituto A Casa do Jardim, an after-school program for at-risk youth.
  • Complete a site visit with professionals in your chosen field of study.
  • Experience God's creation in ways you never have before.
Brazilian culture is a culture of beauty. Its people are welcoming, open, adventurous, and eager to discover new things. ~Rebekah Distaffen, Cross-Disciplinary Studies '20

Enhance Your College Experience

Through the Global Honors Program at Roberts Wesleyan, you will be:

  • Prepared - Through scholarly work, you will form global connections between various disciplines and become an educated citizen of the world.
  • Transformed - Through service, you will experience and become an agent of change in a hurting world.
  • Marketable - The academic coursework and the on-location course will offer intercultural perspectives and skills that will broaden your outlook and provide unparalleled experiences.
The people of Brazil have taught me things a classroom cannot. Brazil has shown me how to be more welcoming, how to be more open about my faith, and how to give unconditionally. ~Elliot Lawrence, Cross-Disciplinary Studies '20
Elliot Lawrence holding Palmerias flag

Brazil Trip Skyline

Jared Sittig, Physics & Religion and Philosophy '20

"Since beginning my education at Roberts I have been supported and enabled by the Global Honors Program. I have grown into a global citizen, someone mindful of the needs of the people around me no matter where they come from."

Jared Sittig

Did You Receive Your Invitation to Academic Scholarship Celebration?

If you meet the admissions criteria for the Global Honors Program, you will be invited to an information session which could lead to an invitation to attend Academic Scholarship Celebration. At this invitation-only event, you will have the opportunity to apply to the Global Honors Program and compete for a the B.T. Roberts Scholarship which would qualify you for full tuition.

Questions? Contact the Program Director, Amy Kovach, Ph.D., at honorsprogram@roberts.edu or 585.594.6315