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Global Honors Program

High-achieving students of all majors can meaningfully expand their university experience through the Global Honors Program at Roberts. This exciting two-year program extends your education far beyond the walls of a classroom as you explore Rochester and make global connections to local issues. You will be challenged, supported, and equipped in your university career and beyond through transformative interdisciplinary coursework and experiential learning. At the end of the program, your learning will have real-world application during an all-expenses-paid on-location course in Brazil or Puerto Rico!

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Unique Honors Courses

Grow your understanding of the wider world and find your place in it through interdisciplinary coursework taught by exceptional professors. You will choose several classes each year from a menu of unique Honors courses with a global focus. These courses replace general education requirements. 

  • Year One: Explore Rochester and discover how historical events that took place in our city have impacted today’s society.
  • Years One and Two: Experience the world through unique courses with a Global focus. You get to choose from new Honors classes offered each semester.
  • Summer Following Year Two: Participate in an all-expenses-paid on-location course in Brazil or Puerto Rico. This immersive experience has been carefully designed to apply your learning and expand your worldview!

When you complete the Global Honors Program with 18 credits, you will also earn a Global Studies Minor.

Study Abroad

At the end of your sophomore year, the Global Honors Program culminates with an on-location course in your choice of Brazil or Puerto Rico.

You will apply and expand your knowledge as you immerse yourself in local culture, take Portuguese or Spanish lessons, and participate in hands-on workshops such as cooking and dance. You will also participate in a service learning project and explore God's creation in ways you never have before!


"The people of Brazil have taught me things a classroom cannot. Brazil has shown me how to be more welcoming, how to be more open about my faith, and how to give unconditionally." Elliot Lawrence, Cross-Disciplinary Studies '20


“I had always thought that learning about other cultures was important, but for the first time in my life, I connected the dots that empathy through understanding others is actually something I am called to do as a Christian.” ~Autumn Dillow, Biology '23

Community of Honors Scholars

Join a vibrant community of peers from all majors as you forge friendships through shared coursework and immersive experiences both inside the classroom and out. Social events are planned for Honors students each semester. Together, the Honors community will become:

  • Prepared - Through scholarly work, you will form global connections between various disciplines and become an educated citizen of the world.
  • Transformed - Through service, you will experience and become an agent of change.
  • Marketable - The academic coursework and on-location course teach diverse intercultural perspectives and skills that are highly valued by future employers. 

The Global Honors Program provided me with an environment to form deep relationships with people who would help me grow as a student, a person, and a Christian. ~Kate Wagner, Physics '20

Program Eligibility & Academic Scholarship Celebration

If you apply to Roberts and meet the admissions criteria for the Global Honors Program, you will be invited to an information session which will lead to an invitation to attend Academic Scholarship Celebration. At this invitation-only event, you will have the opportunity to apply to the Global Honors Program and compete for one of three B.T. Roberts Full Tuition Scholarships.

Questions? Contact the Program Director, Jeffrey McPherson, Ph.D., at honorsprogram@roberts.edu or 585.594.6186.

To say I am grateful for the Global Honors Program would be the biggest understatement I could ever make. I will never be the person who walked in those doors. Today I am a person who is brave and strong and in love with the life God has given me. ~Hannah Bockrath, Adolescence Ed '22