Global Honors Program

Global Honors Program

High-achieving students of all majors can enhance their college experience through the exclusive Global Honors Program at Roberts Wesleyan College.

Explore global connections through a Christ-centered worldview in this two-year program.

  • Year One: Explore Rochester’s rich history, and study the interconnectedness of religions and ethical issues around the world.
  • Year Two: Experience literature, art, and music in a global context.
  • Summer Following Year Two: Participate in a three-week on-location course in Brazil.

Expand your understanding of Global Philosophical & Ethical Issues, World Religions, World Literature, and World Art & Music. These courses replace existing general education requirements.


At the end of your sophomore year, you will have the opportunity to apply and expand your knowledge during a three-week, on-location course in Brazil.

You'll take a course on the culture & language in Brazil, participate in a service-learning project, visit local attractions, and experience Brazilian art and music.

The Global Honors Program seeks to promote:

  • Preparation - Through scholarly work, you will form global connections between various disciplines and become an educated citizen of the world.
  • Personal Growth - Through service, you will experience and serve a hurting world.
  • Marketability - The academic coursework and the on-location course will offer intercultural perspectives and skills that will broaden your outlook and provide unparalleled experiences.

Contact Info: Amy Kovach, Ph.D. (Program Director) | | (585) 594-6315