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Leadership Honors Program

Every field needs a leader. Every leader needs to be a problem solver.

In the Leadership Honors Program at Roberts Wesleyan University, you will learn to become a leader who can make decisions and solve problems based on available evidence.

You will develop the critical thinking, research, and leadership skills needed for your chosen field. Mentorships with a Rochester community professional in your area of interest and a Roberts’ faculty member will offer you the insights you need to develop into the leader you were made to be. In the second year of the program, you will select a research project, mentoring experience, or experiential learning track. You will then demonstrate their new abilities through a community presentation.


Gain new insights from leaders in your field of interest as you connect with a mentor working in the Greater Rochester Area.

Study with the President

Realize the importance of leadership in every industry in an exclusive course taught by the President of Roberts Wesleyan University and Northeastern Seminary. This course is open only to students in the Leadership Honors Program.

Choose Your Track | Mentoring, Research, or Experiential Learning

Choose from one of three Honors Leadership Tracks. All tracks will culminate in a Community Presentation designed to demonstrate your new leadership skills.


This track teaches you the skills of being a good mentor, including understanding the mentoring relationship. Alongside learning how to mentor this course provides an opportunity to mentor lower division students at Roberts Wesleyan University. In addition to one-on-one mentoring this course also requires you to teach and prepare leadership workshops. 


This track enables you to choose an area of research within your field of study. You will work with a faculty mentor to meet regular milestones in this intensive research project culminating in an Honors Thesis. 

Experiential Learning

This cooperative education experience is designed to operate outside the confines of the regular classroom to aid you in focusing on career plans and goals. Placement within organizations or businesses is intended to enhance your academic and career interest. Cooperative education experiences are available during fall, spring, and summer semesters to qualified students. 

What might you discover?

As a developing leader, you have the opportunity to become a subject matter expert as you identify and explore the challenges, opportunities, and tactics that will lead to success in your area of interest. Take a look at a sample of the projects of past Honors graduates.

Nursing Student Knowledge and Attitudes in an Older Adult Transition of Care Simulation | Amanda Cluck | Nursing

Amanda has a heart for care of older adults and was interested in knowing if a simulation with a patient actor would improve nursing student knowledge and skill in caring for the complexities of this population when they are transitioning from the hospital to rehab. Not all students have this opportunity in traditional clinical experiences. She measured knowledge and attitudes toward the older adult before and after the simulation and analyzed a transcript of the post simulation discussion. Amanda presented the results of her study at a national nurse educator conference.

Accounting Smart: A Financial Guidebook for the Social Entrepreneur | Harmony Dionne | Accounting

Harmony discovered that most social entrepreneurs' businesses fail due to a lack of accounting knowledge.  She wrote a “how to” accounting manual specifically for social entrepreneurs.

Unraveling Skin Cancer: Attacking HF-1a | Karen Case | Biology

Karen Case was studying the role of hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha, a powerful transcription factor which turns on and off genes that control cell survival.  She was testing the possibility that its temporary activation is important for the survival of normal skin cells injured by ultraviolet (UV) light, and that its continuous overproduction contributes to the formation of UV-induced skin cancers.

Human: A Photo Journey Definition | Ariel Bouffard | Communication

My project takes a communication theory-- the definition of man, and compares it with the creation of man in Genesis. That collision beautifully grasps the nature of humanity, and is represented artistically through a book of photographs and poetry.

Let’s Learn a Song: Enhancing Learning in the ESL Classroom through Music | RJ Eggleton | Music Education

RJ combined her passion for music with her passion for teaching students of other languages.  She developed an interactive method for teaching English through songs.  As a part of her project, she developed a YouTube channel as a resource for music teachers.