The Global Honors Program incorporates scholarship, service and spiritual formation – all components of the Roberts Wesleyan College mission statement – and uses a combination of academic work in the classroom, experiential learning, service learning and independent scholarship.

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You will take the following courses in your freshmen and sophomore years. At the end of your sophomore year, you will participate in an on-location course in Brazil where you will apply concepts from the classroom.

Learn more about these courses only available to students in the Global Honors Program:

Honors First Year Seminar: Freedom in Rochester and the World

First Year Seminar will introduce you to college life. It will also focus on a foundational principle held by B. T. Roberts, founder of Roberts Wesleyan College: freedom.

You will learn about:

  • B.T. Roberts and the rich history of Roberts Wesleyan College, his views on women’s rights and slavery and his foundational work in the Free Methodist church.
  • The work and lives of Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony, and explore how their freedom movements impacted the world (and how this connects to modern day slavery).
  • The Erie Canal, discovering how the canal system opened up freedom of commerce in the Rochester area and around the world.
  • The invention of Photographic Film and how it revolutionized photography and freedom movements around the world.

You will also:

  • Explore Rochester! You will visit the canal, the Susan B. Anthony House, the George Eastman House, and more.
  • Participate in a service project with a local anti-human trafficking organization.

Honors Courses Years 1 & 2

How can you communicate with those from others cultures? What do other religions believe? What are cultural differences and how can you celebrate those differences? The courses you take during your time in the Global Honors Program will focus on these questions and more! You will have the opportunity to explore the world around you through classroom discussion and hands-on experiences. These unique courses, exclusive to students in the Global Honors Program, will replace general education requirements. Upon completing the program and 18 credits of honors courses, students will, when they graduate, earn a Global Studies Minor and an Honors Diploma.

Study Abroad

Before traveling to Brazil, you will learn basic Portuguese and research specific sites that relate to your major.

Molly Perrin, Social Work '20

"Instead of sitting in a classroom learning about topics only to forget them, I was able to learn and apply what I learned, making its impact long-lasting. "

Molly Perrin