Study Abroad in Brazil

As part of the Global Honors Program, you will be able to travel to Brazil for three weeks!

At the end of your sophomore year, you, your classmates, and faculty members will travel to Brazil. Before you go, you will take a course to learn about the culture & history of Brazil, as well as basic Portuguese vocabulary.

Study at the Methodist University of São Paulo

The on-location course begins at Universidade Metodista de São Paulo and will include:

  • Welcome Reception and Tour of São Paulo
  • Portuguese Lessons 
  • Capoeira (Brazilian martial arts), Cooking, and Music and Dance Workshops
  • Visit the Rainforest and Discuss Biodiversity
Methodist University

Job Shadow a Professional in Your Field of Study

You will be able to shadow someone working in your field of study in Brazil, allowing you to explore your major in an international context. 


Work with 27 Million, an anti-human trafficking agency in São Paulo

Twenty-seven million is a conservative estimate of the number of sex and labor slaves in our world today. According to a report on Child Exploitation by the United Nations in 2001, Brazil ranks first in the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents in Latin America and second in the world. 27 Million is involved in prevention, intervention and rehabilitation. You might work on one of the following projects:

  • Prevention: 27 Million travels to vulnerable areas in and around São Paulo, handing out food and clothing and educating parents on methods that Human Traffickers use.
  • Intervention: 27 Million hosts block parties in red light districts to establish relationships with the women and children who work in the brothels as well as those who operate the brothels.
  • Rehabilitation: 27 Million is partnering with a local group to help victims of Human Trafficking learn the trade of tailoring. Additionally, 27 Million is partnering with another local organization to open a Rescue Home in São Paulo next year where victims of human trafficking will receive health care, education, counseling and learn a trade.


Iguazu Falls in Brazil

Kirsten Liddle, Nursing '18

"The trip to Brazil was probably the most transformational experience of my college years! God opened my eyes to the beauty and diversity of His creation through awe-inspiring vistas and friendships with students, teachers, and host families who invited me to embrace their country with an open mind and an open heart. The people I met, places I visited, and lessons I learned in Brazil are now forever a part of who I am.”