Program Admissions

Admission to the Global Honors Program is by invitation.

Accepted students meeting the following criteria are invited to complete an application process:

  • Evidence of strong academic performance in a college-preparatory program as indicated by SAT and ACT scores, high school courses, grade point average, class rank, etc.
  • Demonstration of strong writing skills as evidenced in English scores and writing samples.

Students meeting these criteria will be invited to the Academic Scholarship Weekend.  Students attending this weekend will complete the application process for the Global Honors Program at the event.  Qualified students who are unable to attend this event will be invited to apply online.

Each Global Honors Program participant is required to pay a Program Fee of $250 per semester.


  • January 15: RSVP to Academic Scholarship Weekend
  • January 31 - February 1: Academic Scholarship Weekend
  • February 4: Qualified students who were unable to attend Academic Scholarship Weekend will be invited to complete an online Global Honors Program application
  • February 23: Online applications are due
  • March 6: All students are notified regarding Global Honors Program decision
  • March 6 to May 1: In order to secure your place in the Global Honors Program, you must submit an enrollment deposit and email your intent to participate in the program to