Full-Tuition Scholarships | Global Honors Program

7th Annual Academic Scholarship Celebration

Global Honors Program

Qualified accepted students will be invited to a Scholarship and Honors Information Session to learn more about the B.T. Roberts Full Tuition Scholarship, the B.T. Roberts Finalist Scholarship and the Global Honors Program.

Please RSVP today for one of the following sessions:

Following each information session, qualifying attendees will be invited to complete an interest form.

During This Celebration

You will have the opportunity to apply for two unique opportunities at Roberts Wesleyan College:

  1. B.T. Roberts Scholarship | You could be one of three students to receive a full-tuition scholarship (after financial aid). The award will be determined based on a group discussion, essay, and high school academic performance. You must attend the Academic Scholarship Celebration to be eligible for this award. The three recipients of this award will be notified within 3 weeks following the event.
  2. Global Honors Program | Experience the world with the Global Honors Program!
    • Year One – Explore Rochester and discover how historical events that took place in our city have impacted today’s society.
    • Years One and Two – Experience the world through unique courses with a Global focus.
    • Summer 2024 – Participate in a three-week, all-expenses-paid trip to Brazil.

In addition, you will:

To be invited to the 7th Annual Academic Scholarship Celebration, a student must:

  • Be accepted to Roberts Wesleyan College.
  • Provide evidence of strong academic performance in a college-preparatory program as indicated by high school courses, grade point average, class rank, etc.

RSVP for Academic Scholarship Celebration

Group Discussion

All participants will submit an essay and take part in a group discussion. These are used as the basis for the B.T. Roberts Scholarship and Global Honors Program selection. While you may choose whether you wish to be considered for the Global Honors Program, it is expected that all attendees will participate in the group discussion.


January 13: Invited students must RSVP to the 7th Annual Academic Scholarship Celebration by this date.

January 14: Registered Academic Scholarship Celebration Students will receive an essay prompt and instructions over email.

January 21: Essay due by this date.

March 25: Deposit deadline for:

  • Full Tuition B.T. Roberts Scholarship Recipients and the B.T. Roberts Scholarship Finalists
  • Global Honors Program Participants to secure their spot

Haven't applied to Roberts yet? Complete the online application to learn if you are eligible for this exclusive academic experience.