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Faculty Accomplishments

Current Faculty Achievements

Sharon Kurtz Presents Poster at Sigma International's 46th Biennial Convention

Sharon Kurtz

Sharon Kurtz, Clinical Instructor, and Graduate student presented her poster: NICE CATCH! An Evidence-Based Safety Program for Preventing Postpartum Infant Falls at Sigma International's 46th Biennial Convention in Indianapolis, IN on November 6, 2021.

Deborah Tedone Delivers Presentation at Global Conference on Nursing Science, Education & Research

Deborah Tedone

Deborah Tedone recently delivered an invited presentation at a conference "Horizontal Violence - Just Say No!" at the Global Conference on Nursing Science, Education & Research on 9/28/21.  She has had several invitations since the publication of her article in the journal, RN.

Amy Rama Presents Virtual Poster at the Nursing World Conference

Amy Rama

Amy Rama recently presented a virtual poster at the Nursing World Conference on Nursing Students’ Attitudes Towards Older Adults.

Sara Claypool Presents at Conference

Sara Claypool

Sara Claypool recently presented at a conference and was wishing she had business cards!

Bob Dorman Interviewed by RBJ on Technological Advancements in Health Care Education

Bob Dorman

Bob Dorman, director for the traditional and graduate nursing programs and associate professor of nursing at Roberts Wesleyan College, was recently interviewed by the Rochester Business Journal. "The simulation center — which includes hospital rooms, an apartment and high-fidelity mannequins — plays a pivotal role in educating students at the college," said Dorman.

Read more about how innovations transform health care education.

Dr. Santhiny Rajamohan Awarded Barbara S. Muller Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence

Dr. Santhiny Rajamohan, Associate Professor of Nursing, was awarded the Barbara S. Muller Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence this past May. This award is presented annually to a faculty member in recognition of effective teaching.

Dr. Rajamohan also had an article published in the Journal of Christian Nursing ("Helping Students Soar"), and presented (“Restore”) at the Ladies Bible Conference at Faith Bible Church (Rochester, New York) this past September.

Deb Tedone Presents at Virtual conference

On September 28, 2021, Deb Tedone presented "Horizontal Violence, Just Say NO!" at a virtual Global Conference on Nursing science, Education & Research. Read more.

Dr. Santhiny Rajamohan Publishes article in Nursing 2018 journal (September)

Dr. Santhiny Rajamohan, Associate Professor of Nursing, is the primary author of “Therapeutic approaches for suicidal adolescents” published in the September issue of Nursing 2018. This article addresses the important issue of suicide among adolescents and focuses on risk assessment, therapeutic interventions and recommendations for successful outcomes. The article is available through the Golisano Library in the Ovid database.

Dr. Carol Griswold completes Lean Six Sigma Black Belt – Healthcare training at Villanova University

Dr. Carol Griswold, Associate Professor of Nursing, recently completed Lean Six Sigma Black Belt – Healthcare training at Villanova University. This program educates healthcare professionals in techniques and strategies to help lead top-quality projects in healthcare organizations. These skills are essential for leaders in nursing as well as those leading in Nursing Education. Dr. Griswold plans to incorporate this material into the graduate nursing curriculum. This will be a wonderful value added component for our students as we prepare them for leadership roles in healthcare.

Dr. Anselmo-Witzel publishes study to understand experiences of Generation Y Nurses

Sonia Anselmo-Witzel, PhD, RN, SNT, Adjunct Professor of Nursing, authored a publication in the April 2017 issue of Journal of Nursing Administration: “Are Generation Y Nurses Satisfied on the Job? Understanding Their Lived Experiences”. Four themes emerged in this descriptive phenomenology study of Generation Y nurses that brought meaning to their experiences: feeling good, relationships, job strain and having choices. These experiences increase fulfillment of inner feelings and job satisfaction increasing the likelihood of job retention.

Laura Coles completes Masters of Science degree and becomes certified

Coles_Laura.jpgLaura Coles, one of our newest faculty members, recently completed a Master of Science in Nursing Education from University of Phoenix.  Additionally, Laura became certified in Emergency Nursing.

Cheryl Crotser co-authors manuscript on women's health

Crotser_Cheryl.jpgCongratulations to Cheryl Crotser as the co-author of the manuscript on Decision Support Needs of Women with Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome. This manuscript will be published in the Journal of Genetic Counseling and is currently available electronically ahead of print.

Dr. Cheryl Crotser & Dr. Susanne Mohnkern present at the Sigma Theta Tau International and NLN Educational Research Conference

Dr. Cheryl Crotser recently presented results of a qualitative study conducted with Dr. Susanne Mohnkern of recent graduates of the traditional undergraduate program on their experiences learning and providing spiritual support and care at the Sigma Theta Tau International and NLN Education Research Conference. She also presented this study at the Innovations in Faith Based Nursing Conference at Indiana Wesleyan University in June of 2014.

Dr. Cheryl CrotserDr. Susanne Mohnkern

Sharon Davis and Sandra “Sam” Brzoza present a Interim Leadership Plan at two nursing education conferences

Sharon Davis and Sandra “Sam” Brzoza participated in a poster presentation at two nursing education conferences in June of 2014 on their experience with developing a Interim Leadership Plan for the RN to BS program. This presentation summarizes current literature and outlines the plan and evaluation used to provide leadership during Professor Brzoza’s sabbatical leave. 

Sharon DavisSandra “Sam” Brzoza

Carol Griswold presents the Prenatal Care at School Program in England

Griswold_Carol.jpgCarol Griswold presented at the National Association of School Nurses 46th Annual Conference in Texas in June 2014 on the Prenatal Care at School Program.

She also presented the Prenatal Care at School Program, a new model of care for pregnant teens at 18th Brennal School Nurses International Conference at Greenwich University in England in July of 2015. This program combines the service of local midwives in a group approach to prenatal care compliance, school attendance and knowledge regarding labor and delivery for this vulnerable population. 



Georgia Lowmaster publishes in JOGNN

Congratulations to Georgia Lowmaster, Adjunct Professor in the RN to BS program on the completion of her DNP at the University of Rochester. The results of Dr. Lowmaster’s project were recently published in the Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neonatal Nursing in January of 2014. The article is titled, An Evidence-Based Approach to Breastfeeding Neonates at Risk for Hypoglycemia

Sam Brzoza and Mary Stevens co-author poster presentation on measuring critical thinking in RN to BS programs

Professors Brzoza and Stevens attended the 23rd Annual Conference for Nurse Educators sponsored by St. Anselm College in MAy of 2016 and presented their work on measurement of critical thinking in RN to BS students. Historically standardized tools have been used to assess critical thinking, however, the faculty recognized that reflective journaling, personal insight, value activities, along with class presentation and group assignments could prove to be a successful measure of critical thinking. They were invited to present again at next years conference.

Dr. Santhiny Rajamohan Completes Dissertation Research Project on Leadership and Person Centered Care (PCC) in Long Term Care

Dr. Rajamohan completed a study examining associations between the implementation of PCC, leadership styles in licensed nursing home administrators (LNHAs), and nursing home (NH) facility characteristics.

This study was the first to attempt to identify the associations between licensed nursing home administrators’ (LNHA) leadership styles and the degree of PCC implementation, as well as the predictability of person-centered care (PCC) implementation specific to other associating factors.  LNHAs are the change agents who are ultimately responsible for implementing and embracing the PCC culture change, but this is the first time they have been asked about PCC implementation specific to their facilities.  This research provides new insight into LNHA leadership styles and factors significantly associated with PCC implementation.  The transformational leadership style was most closely related to implementing PCC in long term care.  Leading and motivating the long term care workforce are invaluable aspects of the nursing home administrator role in initiating and sustaining a PCC culture that is so vital to improved PCC delivery.

Findings are timely and provide new information regarding how LNHAs’ leadership styles might impact the PCC implementation in LTC.  Findings also suggest that  incorporating transformational leadership training in NHAs’ curriculum and offering continuing staff education/ training opportunities for developing such leadership skills in LNHAs may help promote PCC implementation.

Christine Lupiani, M.S., R.N., and Sarah Culhane Become Certified as Nurse Educators

The School of Nursing is pleased to announce that Christine Lupiani and Sarah Culhane earned the designation Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) after meeting strict eligibility criteria and successfully completing a certification examination developed and administered by the National League for Nursing.  Certification demonstrates their commitment to excellence in teaching, and recognizes their specialized knowledge, skills and abilities as nurse educators.

Christine Lupiani (2012) and Sarah Culhane (2010) earned a Master of Science in Nursing Education from Roberts Wesleyan College and currently teach in the undergraduate nursing program.


Missions and Service Work

Patricia Myers leads 11 high school students on mission trip

Myers_Pat.jpgProfessor PAtricia Myers led a group of 11 high school students on a home repair mission trip to Ohio this summer through the organization Group Mission Trips. This is a life changing experience for the teens as they continue to grow in their faith. 






Carol Griswold leads mission trip to Guatemala with alumni

Each year, Dr. Carol Griswold and alumni of Roberts Wesleyan College partner with Bethel Christian Ministries to plan and lead a mission trip to Guatemala. The mission trip includes a wheelchair distribution and repair ministry and building housing for those in need. To watch the video of this trip, click here.

Pictured above, the mission team of Dr. Carol Griswold and alumni

Sarah Culhane

Culhane_Sarah.jpgSarah Culhane served as spiritual director (along with her husband) for a week at Camp Koinonia, a spiritual retreat for families and ten teens, this past July.





Laura Coles leads 10 students on trans-cultural nursing trip to Costa Rica

Laura Coles, Assistant Professor of Nursing and 10 students went to Costa Rica for a 10 day trans-cultural nursing trip and served over 600 people in rural clinics and slum areas of Costa Rica. See this video clip to learn how the trip impacts our students and the people of Costa Rica: Video

We are blessed to see God’s provision and faithfulness – what a testimony to myself, the students, and the people we serve.” - Laura Coles

Awards and Recognition

Carol Griswold DNP, M.S., R.N.

Griswold_Carol.jpgCarol Griswold DNP, M.S., R.N. received the March of Dimes Nurse of the Year Award in the Women’s health Category in 2013. Her work with the Prenatal Care and School Program was highlighted. Congratulations Dr. Griswold!