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Grants & Scholarships

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Grants & Scholarships

We believe that a Roberts education is an investment in your future.  Because we have confidence in the transformative experience students have here, we offer many grants and scholarships to help them afford college. We want to make private college accessible and affordable for families.

*Roberts Wesleyan University reserves the right to change awards, amounts and eligibility criteria without prior notice. For detailed information, please view the financial aid section of the catalog.

academic scholarships

Academic Scholarships

These are pre-determined based on transcripts and SAT/ACT/CLT scores.

merit scholarships

Merit Scholarships

These are given based on artistic ability, special interests, involvement in clubs or organizations, or other recognitions.

need based scholarships

Need-Based Grants

These grants are provided out of the Roberts Fund for students with demonstrated financial need.

athletic scholarship

Athletic Scholarships

As an NCAA Division II member, we offer scholarships to talented student-athletes. Coaches decide who receives a scholarship and what it will cover.

For questions regarding athletic scholarships, please go to the staff directory on Redhawks Athletics Website to find the contact information for the Athletic Director and coaches.

All incoming athletes must be registered with the NCAA eligibility center.


Transfer Student Scholarships

If you're a transfer student, you find specific information here about scholarships you can receive.

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Roberts has partnered with SAGE to help make college more affordable for families. Start earning money toward college tuition as early as 9th grade. This tuition reward may be included as part of, or separate from, any other institutional award and/or financial aid offering. A maximum 56,000 Micro-Scholarship may be awarded over the course of 4 years. Learn more about how to earn!

Other Scholarship Opportunities

There are millions of dollars of scholarship funds available, but how do you find them?

  1. Use a reputable scholarship search site like the ones listed below.
  2. If it sounds too good to be true or they want money upfront… Stop! Check out the Fastweb Scholarship Scam Tip Sheet.
  3. Apply, Apply, Apply!  Don’t limit yourself.  Every scholarship you receive is an investment in your education.