What Our Grads Do

Graduates from our Management & Social Entrepreneurship program have been hired at numerous for profit and non-profit organizations leading to diverse career opportunities.

Take a look at what some of our recent graduates are up to:

CompanyJob TitleGraduation Year
Logan Lawn and Landscape
JP Morgan ChaseSenior Operations Specialist
WegmansService Team Leader2011

Erin Russel, '13

When I think of my time as a student at Roberts Wesleyan College, I think of the years in which I grew most spiritually, professionally, and personally. I love that the Undergraduate Business program so heavily focuses on experiential learning. I began gaining valuable professional experience through the projects my professors assigned in my classes. Additionally, I was actively involved in Enactus.

I acquired a ton of hands-on experience in my field while working on projects I was passionate about, serving the city of Rochester (and beyond), and spending lots of time with some of my best friends. When I interviewed for internships and jobs after college, the interviewers were always intrigued by the work I did with Enactus. It’s unique and set me apart from other applicants.

My professors and friends challenged me to think for myself, to deepen my relationship with Jesus, and to explore who He created me to be.

Sarah Becker, '13

The Undergraduate Business program was my favorite experience at Roberts. It is such a fun and caring community and it was such a joy to be a part of it. I am so thankful for the wonderful friends and professors I met at Roberts. Many of those relationships were fundamental not only in my career, but continue to be so important in my relationship with God keeping me true to who I am.

The Undergraduate Business program gave me the flexibility and the opportunities to figure out what I wanted to do after graduating. I needed a lot of guidance! My professors mentored me and gave me the help and opportunities I needed to develop leadership skills and a passion for helping people through good management and business practices.

Kayla Eddy, '15

During my four years at Roberts I not only earned a degree and gained valuable life experience, but I also became part of a family.

Roberts helped shaped my career path by continuously offering academic and spiritual support through professors and mentors, relevant topics discussed in classes, and an atmosphere of encouragement and love.

The Undergraduate Business program is staffed by incredibly dedicated and caring professors. They not only cared about my education, but about my life as a whole. Their authenticity, kindness, and wisdom largely contribute to where I am today.