Major Requirements

What does it take  to be a Management & Social Entrepreneurship major?

Here are the requirements:

  • Complete Roberts' General Education requirements as a Liberal Arts school (60 hours)

    • Examples: Principles of Speech, Statistics, Old Testament Literature & Theology
  • Fulfill all the Business Department Professional Core requirements (44 hours)

    • Examples: Principles of Marketing, Strategic Management, Macroeconomics, Business Law
  • Meet the requirements for the Management & Social Entrepreneurship Major (24 hours)

  • Take additional Liberal Arts and Business courses suited to areas of interest

    • Examples: Managerial Toolbox, Modern Social Problems, Organizational Development
  • Earn a GPA of at least 2.50, cumulatively and in the Management & Social Entrepreneurship courses

  • Complete a customized internship based on your career aspirations (90 hours)

View the full course check sheet for detailed information about course requirements (pdf).