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Three Year Options

You can earn your degree in three years for several of our programs.

We want to help you afford a Roberts education. Because of this, we offer four programs in which you can finish your degree in three years. You can still take advantage of the traditional undergraduate experience - and save time and money by starting your career or going to graduate school a year earlier.

Business Administration

Prepare for the world of business, in the highest demanded major in the nation.  Start your career early or move onto your Master's degree.  The program provides valuable internship experience and the flexibility to focus in an area of interest (marketing, accounting, management, or a field outside of business).


Do you want a flexible program and a degree that opens a lot of doors? The combination of internship experience, comprehensive communication skill set, and the opportunity to focus on a concentration that interests you will give you the foundation for your career or graduate school.

Use incoming credits (AP, college courses, etc.) and summer coursework to finish your degree in three years.


Want to provide supportive counseling and behavior modification for troubled youth, developmentally disabled, or the mentally ill? Or maybe you want to use your B.A. in Psychology as a starting point for graduate school where you can become a licensed professional. Either way, our three year program will help propel you forward in your career.

Use AP or college credits as well as summer coursework to earn your B.A. in Psychology in just three years.

Social Work

Do you have a passion for helping people? Our Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) will prepare you to work in any type of social work setting. Learn through field education, the emergency room trauma simulation lab, and field placements.

You can use summer coursework to complete your degree in three years, saving you time and money.