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Core Curriculum

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Flexible, Relevant, and Individualized Core for All Students

Our Core Curriculum will prepare you to thrive in any setting

At Roberts Wesleyan, our general education is called Core Curriculum. These courses are essential to building foundational skills and connecting your passions and interests to your future career.

Why is this a good thing?

Throughout your life after college, you will likely change careers, job positions, and companies multiple times - before you even turn 30! No matter where your career leads you, the lessons you've learned in the Core Curriculum will bolster your flexibility and marketability in any field.

The Roberts Core Curriculum develops crucial competencies, including those that hiring managers and executives have identified for career success, including the following:

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  • oral and written communication skills
  • critical thinking and analytical reasoning
  • ethical judgment and decision-making
  • information literacy
  • creative problem-solving
  • the ability to apply knowledge to real-life situations

  • Earn a built-in minor in Critical Analysis and Social Engagement
  • Be equipped to live a healthy and balanced life through included courses such as:
    • Personal Financial Success
    • Personal Wellness
    • Fundamentals of Oral Communication
    • Thriving After Graduation
  • Develop ethical and critical analysis skills, relevant to today’s social challenges
  • Participate in experiential learning opportunities such as internships, on-location courses, study abroad, and research.

Earn a built-in minor in Critical Analysis and Social Engagement

You will have the opportunity to focus your coursework and select from a variety of courses that teach you transferable skills for any path you choose, no matter how many times it changes. Earn an education relevant to what you want to do and who you want to become.

Within this minor, you can chart your own path and create a plan tailored to your unique interests, abilities, and future plans. Here are three focused plans to consider:

The Examined Life and Human Experience

You will study the human experience. This includes exploring how people create and discuss meaning and derive value from experience and how they understand themselves and others. You will develop empathy and insight into the human condition.

Faith and Culture

You will critically assess forms of cultural expression, discern societal trends, and recognize the ways in which faith influences culture and vice-versa. Through the study of literature, art, music, history, and popular culture, you will experience life with more insight and learn to understand and influence culture from a perspective of faith.

Global Responsibility and Community Commitment

You will understand the world from multiple perspectives, appreciate your inescapable involvement in global systems and learn about challenges to justice and living well in local communities and across the world.

Open Track

If you are not interested in pursuing the minor or are looking for more flexibility, you can choose the Open Track. This provides students the ability to choose courses while still completing the required credits.