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Hello! As the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Student Success, I can help connect you with helpful resources on campus or coach you with issues you are facing. I am available to meet with you on campus or via phone during the week. Simply e-mail me at arrendell_tabitha@roberts.edu to set up an appointment or call 585-594-6228.

What is the role of the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Student Success?

  • Help students successfully cross the graduation stage at Roberts.
  • Facilitate personal and academic growth for all undergraduate students with coaching, support and referrals to on-campus resources.
  • Listen and respond to the interests and needs of undergraduate students at Roberts.
  • Provide guidance, leadership, and support to the Redhawk Guide program.
  • Facilitate Tips 4 Success workshop series for the college community.


The Student Success Scholarship was established by a combination of Board of Trustees funding and grants from various charitable foundations. These scholarships assist full-time, matriculated, traditional undergraduate students in good academic standing at Roberts Wesleyan University. The purpose of the scholarship is to address crisis situations and unexpected financial hardships that may otherwise force students to delay or withdraw from their studies. Click here for more information.

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