What Our Grads Say

Sumita Leonard '15


My name is Sumita Leonard, known to many as Sumi. I graduated Roberts in May 2015.

Right out of college, I got hired to teach 2nd Grade at Rochester Prep West Elementary School. I never imagined working at a Charter School, but I’m glad to have started my career journey in one.

As a first year teacher, this year has been full of challenges and growth. I always doubted my capability as a teacher. Being an international student who grew up in India, I lacked understanding of American school dynamics and atmosphere. Roberts Teacher Education definitely instilled a clear passion and drive in me to challenge myself and step into deep waters. The classroom experience right from freshman year built confidence.

The Teacher Education Department helped me prepare to not only be an inspiring teacher, but to be an inspiring human being. Their passion for developing and shaping teachers is rooted in their Christ-like eagerness to serve all people. As I head to Phnom Penh in Cambodia to teach 4th Grade and continue my journey as a teacher, I am forever grateful for my four years as part of the Roberts Teacher Education program.

Kendra Zaffuto '12


Kendra chose Roberts because it had everything she was looking for: a solid education in a tight-knit and supportive community. Reflecting on her undergraduate days at Roberts, Kendra said “Not only did Roberts give me the academic and spiritual foundation that I needed for my career, but the people of Roberts taught me through example how to build strong relationships and make a difference in the lives of my students.”

“Academically, my undergraduate and graduate teacher education professors provided guidance and insight as I worked my way through my coursework and the job application process, which was very helpful,” said Kendra. “I would not be the person I am today if it were not for these people helping me though my college years,” she said.

Kendra is a sixth grade math and social studies teacher at Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women, which is also her alma mater. The sixth grade program has grown from two classrooms and 36 students in 2012 to 69 students and three classrooms in 2016.

Teaching is often referred to as a “calling”. Despite its many challenges, teaching offers rewards that go far beyond the classroom. Her advice for future educators would be to make the most out of their field placements and stay resilient in their search to find the teaching position that is right for them. “I would like to reassure current Roberts students that they will be well-prepared to enter the teaching profession after graduation,” said Kendra.

Stephanie Morse,'08


The TED department at RWC prepared me well for a successful teaching career. I am going on my 9th year as a teacher and still revert back to what my amazing professors taught me. From learning how to read a book aloud to my students, to how to create and administer assessments... RWC makes me a proud alumni!

Jackie Corbett, '15


After graduating in May of 2015, I interviewed for and accepted a full time teaching position in the Canandaigua City School District for the upcoming fall. Currently, I teach 6th grade math at the Canandaigua Middle School.

I have also had the opportunity to coach a Canandaigua travel basketball team as well as volunteer with the modified basketball teams and varsity soccer program. This school year has been filled with several opportunities to learn and grow as an educator. Having my own classroom has been a dream come true!

I truly value the education I received at Roberts Wesleyan College. The professors invest in the lives of their students and I felt prepared once I graduated and began the job search. Through my education classes, observation experiences, and student teaching, I built confidence in my skills in the classroom. This department also focuses on life after college, including applying for jobs and the interview process. Roberts Wesleyan helped to propel me forward into a job that I absolutely love!