Major Requirements

Minimum Total Hours: 131

Total Liberal Arts Hours Required: 60

For General Education Requirements see the requirements list that can be found under the General Education Council. Exceptions to the requirements are as follows: only one fine arts course is required (ART 101, MUS 104, OR FNA 102); PSY 203 must be taken to meet the behavioral science requirement; GEO 201 must be taken to meet the history, economics, or social sciences elective; PHS 101 and BIO 120 must both be taken to meet the lab science requirement (met through the major in Math, Science & Technology concentrations); MTH 161 and 162 must be taken to meet the mathematics proficiency requirement for students in any concentration other than Science or Math; MTH 261 and 262 must be taken to meet the mathematics proficiency requirement for students in the Science or Math concentrations.

Minimum Requirements: Students must maintain a GPA of 2.7 in the major and overall. Students must receive no grade less than a C in their concentration; no grade less than C+ in all 100 level education courses; no grade less than B- in 200, 300 and 400 level education courses; and a minimum grade of C in CMC 101, CMP 101, and the mathematics proficiency courses.

Transfer Requirements: See institutional transfer policies.

Application to the Major: A minimum overall GPA of 2.7 is required to be accepted into and to remain in the major. It is extremely important for students to follow all stated guidelines, policies, and progressions in order to be admitted to and remain enrolled in the Teacher Education Program. For more information see Admission to Teacher Education Programs at the beginning of the Department of Teacher Education section.

Major Requirements: 80-86 hours as follows:

  • EDU 185-Education in a Changing World (3);
  • EDU 195-Foundations of Special Education (3);
  • EDU 195 OPE (Observation /Participation Experience) -25 hours (0);
  • PSY 203 LAB- Child & Adolescent Dev. Learning Lab (1);
  • EDU 235-Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment I (3);
  • EDU 255-Foundations of Language & Literacy (3);
  • EDU 335-Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment II (3);
  • EDU 355-Literacy in Childhood Classrooms (3);
  • EDU 355 OPE -25 hours (0);
  • EDU 360-Creating Inclusive Learning Communities (3);
  • EDU 360 OPE-25 hours (0);
  • EDU 365-Assessment for Special Education (3);
  • EDU 373-Elementary Curriculum & Methods (Gr. 1-3) (3);
  • EDU 373 OPE-25 hours (0);
  • EDU 374-Elementary Curriculum & Methods (Gr. 4-6) (3);
  • EDU 374 OPE - 25 hours (0);
  • EDU 390-Collaboration for Learning (3);
  • EDU 394-Culturally Responsive Teaching (2);
  • EDU 394 OPE - 25 hours (0)
  • EDU 401A & 401B-Student Teaching (6 + 6);
  • EDU 441-Childhood Education Student Teaching Capstone (2);
  • Training in Identification and Reporting of Child Abuse and Maltreatment;
  • Training in School Violence Prevention and Intervention;
  • Training in the Needs of Students with Autism;
  • Completion of one concentration (30-hour minimum), select from:
    • Language Arts/English
    • Mathematics, Science & Technology with an emphasis in Math
    • Mathematics, Science & Technology with an emphasis in Science
    • Social Studies
    • Spanish

(Contact the Department of Teacher Education for a comprehensive list of requirements for the degree and concentration of your choice.)

Students must register for OPE concurrently with course of same number, e.g. EDU 374 and EDU 374 OPE.

View the full course check sheet for detailed information about course requirements (pdf):