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  • Opportunities are available to students to do research with faculty and also to pursue internships.
  • During the summer, many universities offer paid internships to undergraduates, placing them in functioning science labs to conduct their own research project.
  • The intention of these internships is to prepare undergraduates for medical and graduate school and broaden their functional science knowledge.

Emily Smithers
Dr. Smithers is currently researching the role of RNA-protein interactions on the 5’ untranslated regions in chloroplast gene expression. She is in the process of generating transgenic plants using a biolistic particle delivery system (‘Gene Gun’) in order to observe how changes in nucleotide sequence affect chloroplast gene expression in vivo.

Cynthia Davis
Dr. Davis research focus is Saccharomyces cerevisiae (also known as brewers or bakers yeast) and the gene Slk19. She is currently studying the proteins functioning in the pathway responsible for correct segregation of chromosomes during meiosis.

Peter LaCelle
Dr. LaCelle has worked at the University of Rochester Medical Center as Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Dermatology and also as a post-doctoral fellow at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. He has published multiple manuscripts and done many abstracts. His research interests include the influence of environmental stress on the fine regulatory balance between epidermal keratinocyte growth and differentiation, and between these processes and programmed cell death, or apoptosis. His laboratory’s long range goal is to identify signaling molecules and corresponding chemical modulators effective for the maintenance of epidermal stem cells, and for the prevention and treatment of kerainocyte-based skin cancer.