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Question: Do Roberts’ programs lead to certification in general or special education?
Answer: Both! Roberts has options for dual certification in general and special education at every academic level.

Question: If I am already a certified teacher, but I want to add/extend to an additional certification, what do I need to do?
Answer: To add an additional certification, you will want to check the NYS requirements for that certification. Look at the Pathway called “Additional Classroom Teaching Certificate (Must Hold a Valid Teacher Certificate).” Follow those guidelines to complete anything you do not currently have, as adding a certification may require additional coursework/exams. For example, if a Childhood teacher wants to extend down to Early Childhood, that teacher would need just a couple of additional classes and the appropriate certification exam. Roberts offers acceptable courses for that extension over the summer at a competitive rate. When it is time to apply, you would do so through the “Additional Classroom Teaching Certificates” pathway.

Question: Does Roberts have a Transitional B program?
Answer: Roberts does have a Transitional B program registered in NYS, but the University is not currently running it. The University has found that its initial certification programs designed for working adults at both the bachelor's degree completion and master’s levels work well for students and meet the needs of the students, the surrounding districts, and the University.

Question: Is it too late to become a teacher?
Answer: Teachers come in all ages, shapes, and sizes. If you plan to keep working for 10 years, we believe it’s not too late to make the change. Here are some helpful guidance and real-life examples of second-career teachers.

Question: Are there jobs in education?
Answer: Yes, there are! Historically, the NYS teaching market ebbs and flows, and we are currently facing a significant teacher shortage. According to NYSUT (2019)...

  • The U.S. Department of Education predicts America will need 160,000 new teachers per year
  • In NYS, we will need up to 18,000 new teachers every year
  • Since 2009, there has been a 53% drop in college students enrolled in teacher prep programs across the state
  • NYS Teacher Retirement System predicts that 32% of NYS teachers could retire in the next several years
  • The U.S. Department of Education has identified 18 areas of teacher shortage in New York (compared to only 2 areas a decade ago)

Question: I taught for 3 years in a private school; does my teaching experience count for Professional certification?
Answer: Yes. Here is the Office of Teaching Initiatives’ list of acceptable teaching experiences.

Question: After I receive my Professional certificate, do I need to do anything else to maintain certification?
Answer: Yes, in your TEACH account, you need to register as an active teacher, and then you need to keep up on required CTLE hours.