Types of Certificates

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In New York State, there are different types of teaching certificates; the most common types are Internship (entry-level certificate for students in an M.Ed. program), Initial (entry-level certificate, valid for five years), and Professional (advanced-level certificate, valid indefinitely).

Internship Certificates

Internship certificates are aimed for first time educators in a Master’s of Education program leading to certification.  At Roberts, students in the Initial Certification M.Ed. program who are participating in job-embedded student teaching may ask for an Internship certificate if the following conditions are met:

  • Complete 50% of the program requirements
  • Complete DASA and fingerprinting
  • Obtain a request for Internship certification from an employer
  • Obtain a recommendation from the Initial Certification M.Ed. Steering Committee

Internship certificates are issued immediately prior to student teaching; they are valid for two years, or until the student graduates or leaves the program. Please note that Roberts Wesleyan University students who receive Internship certificates are still expected to complete all of the student teaching requirements. Click here for more information about Internship certificates: Internship Certificate: Types of Certificates and Licenses:OTI: NYSED

Initial Certificates

Initial certificates are entry-level certificates for first time teachers. They are valid for five years; within those five years, New York State expects teachers to meet the following requirements in order to be eligible to apply for a Professional certificate.

If you do not complete all of the above requirements within five years, you may request a one-time time extension of 3 years (Time Extension of a Provisional, Initial, or Transitional Certificate: Certification from Start to Finish:OTI: NYSED).  If your Initial expires before you complete the above requirements, you may apply for a one-time Initial Reissuance, which is valid for 5 years (Reissuance of Expired Initial Classroom Teacher and School Building Leader Certificates).

Professional Certificates

Professional certificates are advanced-level certificates that are valid indefinitely as long as you keep up with CTLE (Continuing Teacher and Leader Education) hours (Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) Requirements).

Once you have met the above requirements (listed under Initial Certificates) for Professional certification, you should complete the following steps:

1. Send verification of your mentoring and paid experience to NYSED. New York State public schools will do this electronically; non-public or out of state schools should use these forms:

2. Apply through your TEACH account. If you are applying for a certificate you earned through a Master’s program, use the same program code you used for Initial certification. If you are applying for a certificate you earned through a Bachelor’s program, when the system asks for a code, click “No,” and then apply through the “Certificate Progression” pathway (you may need to send NYSED verification of your graduate hours or Master’s degree).