June 5, 2014

Habitat for Humanity Trip

Written by Jason Taylor, Professor of Chemistry

In early February my wife and I took Roberts Wesleyan students on our annual Habitat for Humanity trip during our February (Winter) Break. This year, we took 10 students on the trip and worked in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, which was a region devastated by tornadoes in recent years. Unfortunately, much of the damage was done in the low income housing districts in the region. We had the chance to work on five different houses in the area and meet a few of the families that would eventually occupy them. We heard so many tragic stories of lives lost or damage done in the storm. I was so encouraged by the overwhelming positive attitude and resilience displayed by so many families in the area that had lost everything. It is so easy in situations like these to fall in to a deep depression and lose hope, but consistently we met families filled with such joy and remarkable testimonies of how God provided such strength and comfort to them during this season of life. The construction of a new home was a visible reminder of a fresh start for each of them, which only added to the optimism.

To watch a student video of the trip visit Habitat Youtube video.