Faith and Science

“You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.”

-Revelation 4:10-12

Christian faith and scholarship go hand in hand. In a unique way, science and mathematics enable reflection on and investigation of the world with rigor, precision, and integrity. God reveals himself to humans in many ways, including through Nature (God’s work) and through the Bible (God’s word). Isaac Newton referred to these as God’s two books: if interpreted properly, both are consistent and compatible.

The following course discuss ethics and issues of faith and science. Topics include the origin of human life, stewardship of the environment, micro and macro evolution, ethics of genetic technology and origins of the universe.

  • BIOL 4600
  • CHEM 4600
  • BIOL 2310
  • CHEM 2310

Faith and Science Department Luncheons

Each semester the department offers a series of Faith and Science Luncheons. These discussions are designed to build community within the department through explorations of faith grounded in science. Talks are followed by a lively, moderated, and informal discussion.

Barnes Symposium

The goal of the Barnes family is to provide for an annual symposium on Issues of Science and Christian Faith.

The vision for the symposium is to assist the RWC and NES communities in developing an intellectual basis for understanding the principle that all truth is God's truth i.e., that the data of Scripture as understood through theology and the data of nature, as understood through the sciences, may be honestly explored, and will be in harmony when interpreted correctly. Dr. David S. and F. Avis Barnes have been active participants in the Roberts Wesleyan University community since 1970. Their daughters are graduates of the University. Dr. Barnes attended the University, his parents met at the University in the 1920's, his grandparents attended in the 1880's, two brothers attended the University, and four members of the extended family served on the RWC board.

Dr. David Barnes, professor emeritus in biology, taught in the Division of Natural Science and Mathematics from 1970-2004. For many years he directed the Cultural Life Committee Lecture Series and arranged for over 200 guest speakers to make presentations to students and faculty.

Avis Barnes taught for 30 years in the Pavilion School District, and, upon retirement, has continued volunteering in the Rochester City Schools tutoring needy students.

The Barnes began a long cross-cultural involvement with Rochester's sister-city in Novgorod, Russia in the late '80s and continue to help coordinate ministry programs there.


Gabriel Kreider-Letterman Headshot

“I chose Roberts because of the strong sense of community I felt when I visited, as well as its strong roots of faith. In my time at Roberts I’ve found a much greater understanding of who I am as a leader and as a follower of Christ. I’ve had opportunities to connect with others, be challenged as a student and leader, and grow into the person God has called me to be. Pursuing leadership and spiritual growth is a choice I’ve had to consciously make, but Roberts has provided me with the environment to do so in ways that I don’t think I would’ve been able to at most other schools.”

Aaron Hitchcock ‘24 (Biochemistry)

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