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2018-19 Undergraduate Academic Catalog | School of Arts and Humanities

Language and Literature

Linda Quinlan, Ed.D., Chair

The Language & Literature Department is a community of learners who embrace the practice of studying famous literary works, becoming strong writers, learning foreign languages, and generally engaging the world around us.  The professors are enthusiastic, devoted, faith-filled teachers.  Several have published well-regarded scholarly works.  Fundamentally, the Department's greatest strength is its connection with the students.  In Language & Literature classes, the professors know each student's name and are willing to meet with her/him to talk over assignments or future career goals.

The Department offers majors in the following: 
A. Adolescence Education English, B.S.
B. Adolescence Education Spanish, B.S.
C. English, B.A.
D. Humanities, B.A.
E. Spanish, B.A.

The Department offers minors in the following: 

A. English
B. Spanish 
C. Women’s Studies

Double Majors within the Department

Double majors within the Department are allowed, assuming minimal overlap of coursework.

A double major with Humanities and any of the other majors within the Department will be permitted as long as the 21-hour concentration for the Humanities major is not in the same discipline as the other major.

A double major in English and Adolescence Education English is allowed as is a double major in Spanish and Adolescence Education Spanish.

To speak with a representative in the Department of Language and Literature, call 585.594.6327.