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2018-19 Undergraduate Academic Catalog | School of Arts and Humanities

Religion and Philosophy

Jeffrey A. McPherson, Ph.D., Chair

The heart of a Christian college is its Religion-Philosophy Department.  The goal of this department is to pursue God’s truth through biblical studies, theology, and philosophy.  The department seeks to learn how to live a life of justice in a complicated world.  Students in the Religion-Philosophy Department come from a variety of backgrounds and pursue a wide range of life goals. In every case they have an opportunity for intellectual, personal, and spiritual transformation.  Each of our majors not only provides an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of and a more consistent living out of the Christian faith, but they also develop critical thinking, research, writing, and communication skills.  The knowledge and abilities developed in this department serve to make life richer and to prepare students for a wide variety of successful careers.  Professors in this department are devoted Christians who have genuine personal concern for their students and are deeply knowledgeable in their fields.

The Department offers majors in the following: 
A. Biblical Studies, B.A.
B. Ministry, B.A.
C. Philosophy-Religion, B.A.

The Department offers minors in the following: 
A. Biblical Languages
B. Biblical Studies
C. Ministry 
D. Philosophy 
E. Philosophy-Religion
F. Theology

Double Majors within the Department

Students may not earn double majors in any of the majors housed in the department (Biblical Studies, Ministry, and Philosophy-Religion).

To speak with a representative in the Department of Religion and Philosophy, call 585.594.6972.