What Our Grads Are Saying

"One of the strongest aspects of the History program at Roberts Wesleyan College was the personal interest that the professors took in my performance and my life....The requirements of the classes gave me the ability and knowledge to develop a disciplined academic life that has led to other educational opportunities. My contact with students from other colleges has shown that the History program at Roberts can compete with the programs of major universities in the country. I feel that my time and money were well spent as a History major at Roberts Wesleyan College."

Robert Richard '00

"Being a part of the History program at RWC was one of the best parts of my college experience. I was able to learn about many different areas of history, from Late Medieval England to Modern America. Having such a range of topics and classes not only gave me a wider base of historical knowledge, but is helping me be able to pursue a higher degree that combines some of these different facets of history."

Jessie Spressart '00

"If you appreciate the grandeur of history, with all its glory, shame and ambiguity, the Roberts Wesleyan History Department will not disappoint you. If you have a low view of history, thinking that you can manipulate it for some narrow political or religious agenda, Roberts will change you. At least that was my experience. I am a different person today, both intellectually and spiritually, because of the history department at RWC."

The Rev. Alexander M. Burgess IV '94

"The Comprehensive Social Studies program at Roberts Wesleyan is a program that extensively prepares students and gives them the ability to teach Social Studies at a high level. I believe that one of the biggest strengths of the program lies in the knowledgeable professors. The professors in this program don't just give you information, but they help you become a historian by making you form new and abstract ideas. I also believe that the availability of the professors in the Comprehensive Social Studies program helps the student feel as if the professors really care about you."

Josh Chenel '01