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Peer Tutoring & Study Groups

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Peer Tutoring FAQs

  • All tutoring is free of charge to students registered in the requested course.
  • Tutoring is available for most courses: Courses with Tutor 2020
  • Peer tutors undergraduate students who have taken and succeeded in the class with the professor you are registered with! They understand the professor, their approach to instruction and testing style.
  • Peer tutors are trained through our nationally certified College Reading and Learning Association program. Tutors are trained to help you learn how to learn and master your content.
  • Note: Because tutors are fellow undergraduate students, they too have a course load of responsibility. We ask students and families to be aware of and follow the policies and procedures we outline for tutees found here: Tutoring Policies and Procedures
  • Note: During the Covid-19 virtual semesters, tutor appointments are held virtually at this time.

Drop-in Labs

  • Drop-in help is available for challenging courses in science, communications, etc.
  • Writing Lab is staffed with undergraduate writing tutors and is available for undergraduate writing needs. Drop-in service is available, though appointments are preferred. Graduate and Non-traditional adult program students may choose to work with the writing lab staff or may select to work with our Learning Center faculty for their writing concerns.
  • Note: During the Covid-19 virtual semesters, all writing lab appointments are scheduled via our online scheduling system.  All appointments are held virtually at this time.