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Tutoring Policies and Procedures

You will be assigned a tutor as soon as possible after submitting a Tutor Request Form. If you do not receive a call or an email within one week of submitting your request, please check with the Learning Center office.


You must currently be registered at Roberts Wesleyan University and enrolled in the course for which you are requesting a tutor. You must also complete a Tutor Request Form.


If you cannot keep an appointment, you must call or email your tutor well before your scheduled session. If you miss two appointments without notifying your tutor, you will not be eligible for tutoring for the remainder of the semester.


You may work with a tutor for a maximum of two hours each week, unless the tutor coordinator approves addition sessions. There may be cases when the tutor will pair tutees together.


Prior to tutoring, please read and agree to the following student responsibilities:

  • Come to tutoring session on time, and call your tutor if you can't be at the session.  Don't make the tutor wait.
  • Read material and do homework before your tutoring session.
  • Come prepared with the attitude that you are going to learn.
  • Be prepared with specific questions and know what you want to accomplish in the session.
  • Bring all applicable material to tutoring session.
  • Be open and articulate with your problems.
  • Put effort into your work outside of tutoring or study group session.
  • Strive for independence - don't depend on the tutor too much.
  • Follow advice of professor and tutor.
  • Be optimistic and self encouraging.  Don't give up.
  • Realize that you are the one ultimately responsible for your grade.


At the end of the semester you will be asked to evaluate your tutor and our services by means of an on-line form. Your opinions about the Learning Center and its services are important to us.

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