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May 31, 2023

Roberts Wesleyan University Named a Teach-Out Partner for Medaille University and Cazenovia College

Roberts Wesleyan to provide pathways to Medaille and Cazenovia students continuing their studies in fall 2023.

Roberts Wesleyan University has been named a teach-out partner for two private New York higher education institutions set to close—Medaille University and Cazenovia College—providing a seamless and cost-effective transition experience for students at both institutions seeking to complete their studies. Under its financial promise to Medaille and Cazenovia, Roberts Wesleyan will waive all transfer application and admissions fees and will work to match or reduce current out-of-pocket costs for tuition, housing and meals.

The agreement applies to currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students in good academic and social standing as well as incoming first-year students. Committed to preparing graduates who are thoughtful, spiritually mature and service-oriented, Roberts Wesleyan is prepared to provide further assistance and support tailored to students opting to start or complete their academic careers in their chosen fields and will transfer equivalent earned credits to ensure students graduate on time.

“Our first priority is to the students, and we have deep empathy and compassion for those who were looking forward to their next year at Medaille or Cazenovia, and who might rather be making summer plans than education plans,” said Kimberley Wiedefeld, Vice President for Enrollment Strategy and Marketing at Roberts Wesleyan University. “We applaud the work of their campus leadership in caring for students during this time of transition by seeking out trusted teach-out partners like Roberts to further their students’ academic pursuits. As New York’s leading university for character education, we take great pride in being named a teach-out partner to provide a seamless transition experience to an affordable and high-quality education at Roberts.”

Roberts Wesleyan offers a broad range of more than 90 undergraduate, graduate and adult degree-completion programs across disciplines in health care, education, business, criminal justice, social sciences and other areas. Through years of intentional program development, Roberts continues to expand its catalogue of advanced academic offerings, including its doctoral programs in clinical/school psychology and occupational therapy, fully online associate degree programs and regionally recognized teacher education training, which will be available to Medaille and Cazenovia students who choose to continue their studies at Roberts in fall 2023.

“Both Medaille’s and Cazenovia’s programs closely align with ours, and our expertise in creating customized educational pathways for traditional undergraduate students, or adults going back to school for associate or graduate degrees, made both institutions feel like natural partners,” Wiedefeld said. “Not only is Roberts a strategic choice, but it’s also a convenient option in close proximity to both schools for students looking for an in-person experience on campus, and we look forward to showing them all our campus and the Greater Rochester community has to offer.”

Per the agreement, student-athletes at Medaille and Cazenovia will have the opportunity to consider joining one of Roberts’ 20 NCAA Division II athletic teams, including four inaugural sports programs—Women's Field Hockey, Men's Volleyball, Women's Triathlon, and E-Sports—starting in the fall. Qualification for athletic scholarships in overlapping programs will also be considered for students hoping to continue their athletic journey as a Roberts Redhawk. The Redhawks are the only NCAA Division II team in Rochester, competing as a member of the East Coast Conference.

Informational resource pages and guides for students considering transferring to Roberts Wesleyan are available for Medaille and Cazenovia students. Roberts has also appointed Tai Aderounmu, Director of Undergraduate Recruiting and Athletics, to serve as a trusted point of contact for students at both Medaille and Cazenovia to address any questions, needs or concerns for students seeking more information about transferring to Roberts.

“We know this may be an overwhelming time for many,” Wiedefeld said. “Our promise is that each student, regardless of where they are in their academic journey, will receive the resources and support to continue their education and we look forward to welcoming them to Roberts Wesleyan University.”

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