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Roberts Welcomes Cazenovia Students

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It's probably been a stressful few months for you and we want to help make the transition from Cazenovia College to Roberts Wesleyan University super easy. What is important to you is important to us - keeping you on-time to graduate with the degree you've been working toward. 

Let's Get Started!

First things first. Kristen Nielsen is your first point of contact at Roberts. As the Executive Director for Undergraduate Admissions, Kristen will ensure you get the information you need and can get to the right person to pursue your program completion, whether associates, bachelors, master's, or doctoral. You can call her at 585-594-6562, text her at 585-902-2917, or you can email her at nielsen_kristen@roberts.edu if you prefer!

Start Your Transfer Now!

Simply complete the Roberts Rapid Application and send your official Caz transcript to Kristen! That is it!

Need Financial Aid?

Good news: We will match or reduce your out-of-pocket costs as part of the Teach-Out program!

If you filed the 2023-2024 FAFSA,  please add Roberts school code 002805 to your schools list. And send your 2022-23 Caz financial aid award letter to Kristen so she can connect with Student Financial Services on your behalf. 

It’s All About You!

We want to learn more about you, and to do that Kristen is going to ask you about your career goals and aspirations. As we said earlier, keeping you on-time to graduate is as important to us as it is to you. So, she’s also going to fill you in on:

  • available transfer programs of study (see table below)
  • course equivalencies
  • matching or reducing out-of-pocket costs
  • financial aid awards
  • teach-out agreement with Cazenovia
  • housing & carryover roommate preferences from Caz
  • living in Rochester
  • extra-curriculars or athletics

Available Programs of Study

The Bachelor's Degree programs included under our teach-out agreement with Cazenovia College, and their Roberts Wesleyan University equivalencies, are outlined in the following table.

Cazenovia College Program TitleProgram AwardRoberts Wesleyan University Equivalent Program
Accounting ManagementBPSAccounting, BS
BiologyBABiology, BA
BusinessBSBusiness Administration, BS
Business ManagementBPSBusiness Management, BS
Communication StudiesBACommunication, BA
Criminal Justice & Homeland SecurityBSCriminal Justice, BS or Homeland Security and Applied Intelligence
Criminal Justice Psychology DualBSCriminal Justice, BS / Psychology, BS
EnglishBAEnglish, BA
English Communication Studies DualBAEnglish, BA / Communication, BA
HistoryBAHistory, BA
Human Services, Children YouthBSSocial Work, BS
Human Services, GeneralistBSSocial Work, BS
Human Services, Mental HealthBSSocial Work, BS
Inclusive Early Childhood EducationBSEarly Childhood and Special Education, BS
Inclusive Elementary EducationBSChildhood Education and Special Education, BS
PhotographyBFAStudio Art, Photography Concentration, BS
PsychologyBSPsychology, BS
Sport ManagementBPSSports Management and Marketing, BS
Studio ArtBFAStudio Art, BS
Visual Comm, Graphic DesignBFAStudio Art, Graphic Design Concentration, BS

Next Steps - Come Visit!

For almost all of our all of our accepted students, a visit to Roberts confirms that this is the place for them. Here you'll experience a peaceful but lively campus, beautiful surroundings, lots to do and plenty of friendly and supportive faculty, staff and classmates you'll soon call your friends.

If you want to visit but need help with travel costs, let us know.  We can help you find your way here. 

Welcome to Roberts Wesleyan University!