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2018-19 Undergraduate Academic Catalog | Introduction to Roberts Wesleyan College

Our Foundational Assumptions

The mission of Roberts Wesleyan College is anchored in shared assumptions about:


  • The world reflects the mind and purpose of the Creator.
  • God desires people to reflect upon the world thoughtfully.
  • Faith precedes and conditions all understanding.
  • Knowing the truth requires people to act upon that truth.

Spiritual Formation

  • The study of Scripture – the authoritative guide for faith and life – is the foundation for an informed Christian worldview.
  • We affirm the richness of diverse traditions within historic Christianity.
  • We honor the Creator through nurturing the life of the mind.
  • Each member of the community is shaped and strengthened in faith through shared experiences.


  • Christian service derives from the Biblical mandate to love God and to love one’s neighbor as oneself.
  • Christian commitment to servant-leadership should contribute to constructive and restorative acts.
  • Christian service responds to the diverse needs of individuals and communities.
  • Christians learn and grow from serving others.