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2018-19 Undergraduate Academic Catalog | Introduction to Roberts Wesleyan College

Our Commitments

In keeping with our mission, Roberts Wesleyan College provides an education that focuses on scholarship, spiritual formation, and service.


As a community of Christian scholars, the College believes that learning is multifaceted and achieved in a variety of ways.

  • Discovery - We provide opportunities for inquiry and investigation that contribute to intellectual growth and understanding. 

  • Integration - We provide opportunities to achieve an interdisciplinary understanding of issues and concerns.
  • Application - We provide opportunities to learn by engaging problems in society.

  • Education - We seek effective methods of teaching and learning.

Spiritual Formation

As a faith-affirming community, Roberts Wesleyan College provides an environment where people’s relationship with God through Christ can be nurtured.

  • Scripture - We explore our world through faith perspectives that affirm the authority of Scripture.

  • Tradition -  We affirm the richness of historical Christian thought and practice through the ages.

  • Reason - We employ critical thinking to integrate our faith beliefs with our views of the world.

  • Experience - We provide opportunities for transforming encounters with God.


As a College attuned to the needs of the world, we seek to develop people of faith who will help transform the world through service.

  • Vocation - We strive to discover how our God-given talents can lead to productive lives of service.

  • Service Learning - We provide learning through service opportunities.

  • Global Perspective - We encourage the development of cross-cultural competence and a global perspective.
  • Social Responsibility - We foster socially responsible engagement in society.