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2011-2012 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Academic Procedures

Faculty Advisors

Consistent and positive contact between faculty and students is a key component to student success. To begin promoting positive student-faculty contacts, each freshman is both assigned a faculty advisor from within the division of their chosen major and is registered for First-Year Seminar. The instructor of the First-Year Seminar course serves as the student's first mentor at the College along with the student's faculty advisor. The First-Year Seminar instructor works with the student's advisor during the first semester. This ensures proper registration and serves as an introduction for the student to both the College and the prospective major. Transfer students are assigned to a faculty advisor upon admission to the College.

Students must consult their advisors each semester before registering. This procedure assists the students in keeping the program well planned and in proper order. Between registrations, students are urged to consult with advisors regarding any matters of concern. The advisors should be considered the students’ first source for academic help.

If either the student or the advisor wishes, a change of advisor can be arranged. Forms to request a change of advisor or major are available in the Office of Registration or online at the RWC intranet Registration page.

Although faculty are assigned to assist students, all students must accept full responsibility for identifying and completing requirements as they are listed in this catalog.

Catalog Year/Program Changes Policy

Students will complete the degree requirements in place at the time (catalog year) of initial enrollment unless New York State alters those requirements. If a Division makes changes to an academic program, the major application requirements, or the General Education requirements, the practice is to allow students who have been continuously enrolled (summer excluded) to continue following the requirements current at the initial registration. Any change demanded by institutional curricular policy should not add to the total number of courses nor delay the date of graduation.

Students may opt to advance to a more recent catalog year if it is advantageous to their academic goals; however, the entire set of graduation requirements listed in any one catalog must be used. Any change of catalog year must be noted and must be approved by both the student's advisor and the Registrar.

Students who interrupt the program for two or more semesters (summer excluded) must meet the requirements of the catalog current at the time of return.

Course Load

To be classified as full time, a student must take a minimum of 12 semester hours per semester. Students must average 15 semester hours per semester in order to advance to a higher class ranking at the end of each two semesters of study.

Standard full-time course load per semester ranges between 12 and 18 semester hours. Registration for more than 18 hours must have the prior approval of the Academic Guidance and Support Committee. A form requesting permission to exceed 18 hours is available in the Office of Registration or via the RWC intranet on the Registration page. Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 to be considered for overload approval.

Course Cancellation Policies

The College reserves the right to discontinue classes having fewer than eight students registered. Also, the College may cancel a student's registration if the student does not make arrangements for college costs acceptable to the Office of Student Accounts.

Admission to Classes

To be admitted to classes, a student must complete all parts of the registration process and receive the approval of the Office of Student Accounts. Failure to comply will result in exclusion from classes and cancellation of the student’s registration.

After initial registration is completed, any changes to a student's schedule can be made online by the student (until the first day of classes) or on the Change of Registration Form which is available in the Office of Registration or online at the RWC intranet Registration page.  If making changes by paper form, the change is not official until the completed form is returned to the Office of Registration.  Please note: Changes of registration online may only be made prior to the start of classes.

In fall and spring sessions, courses may not be added after the fifth day of classes. In summer sessions, courses may not be added after the first day of classes.