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2011-2012 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Student Life

Student Association

The Student Association (SA) is comprised of all students matriculated in a traditional undergraduate program at Roberts Wesleyan College. Its purpose is to represent student opinion, to represent the students in College matters, and to promote a solid Christ-centered co-curricular program through social, recreational, educational, spiritual, and cultural events and activities. The SA also exists to forward the ideals and standards of Roberts Wesleyan College as they pertain to student scholarship, spiritual formation, and service. It promotes a sense of group responsibility and plays the critical role of student representation for all aspects of community life. The SA includes a legislative senate which passes resolutions and appoints functioning committees, including cooperative student-faculty committees formulating or administering policies related to academic, social, cultural, and spiritual life on campus. The Student Association Leadership Team is comprised of elected and appointed students involved in the planning and integration of student activities so that students can have a full and balanced life outside the classroom. Associate Dean for Student Programming, Brenda J. Myrthil, from the Office of Student Services, advises this body of student leaders.

Student Organizations

Getting involved in activities outside the classroom is one of the most rewarding aspects of college life. The College, recognizing that student life is a valuable part of the college experience, encourages participation in student organizations. The Student Association Senate has chartered over 30 organizations including academic/pre-professional, cultural, ministry, music/performing arts, and special interest groups. Every organization has a faculty sponsor who functions as advisor. The Student Handbook lists most organizations and describes their functions.

Student Publications

The Beacon, the student newspaper, is a bi-weekly student publication produced and maintained by students. It serves to inform and enlighten theRoberts Wesleyan College community through the publication of campus, regional, and national news, in addition to articles pertaining to current activities and issues on campus.

The Chesbronian, the College yearbook, is an annual student publication produced by students. All students matriculated in a traditional undergraduate program can pick up a free yearbook in Student Services each spring.